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Monthly Readings Are Out

Gemini season is almost here and the monthly readings are out before you go and get to binge watching all of them please check your chart. The downloads I received for the month of Gemini is healing. It was to lower your expectations, adjust to where you are, and checking your movements. This year's energy is not the usual cluster f*** of being able to escape to the next season and looking for a break. It's been a ride and it seems like Divine isn't letting up on anyone or anything.

Now if you go a little bit further back you would see that in Aries season I said it was to dot your I's, cross your T's, and hook your P's. Aries season was the initiation of the karma that was being executed to people, whether it was for or for bad. Normally in the monthly readings the energy would switch up and it is but it's also like Aries season is still at play with the collective because some lessons are not being learned.

Some people are still finding themselves caught up in karmic loops whether that be external, but for others it could be internal the emotions you hold on to and the thoughts that play out in the mind. All I'm saying is be mindful of the things you encounter with in this season. Because I keep on getting the trickster and the jester out of my deck. That could be with you or people around you.

While we are still in the number 2 years, while maintaining a number five their is a lot of highlighting going on. I mean in the mean time and in between time my ass is still asking y'all to subscribe to my YouTube. You ain't doing nothing but sitting at home, hollering at the kids, scrolling down social media. Go watch some sh**. I ain't asking y'all to buy something yet.

Other than that ima continue to eating my potato chips and listening to some hertz. Pray for me not on me..


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