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Modern Day Black Medusa

Hello motherf*****’s inserts video from YouTube.

My child called me a black mamba and I thought this nigga was referring me to Kobe come to find out it was a whole another meaning. It was about an individual who will do anything to protect themselves from any one who brings harm to them. On the negative side it could mean someone who is always angry and deceitful towards people due to there on lack of at the time. While scrolling down social media I seen this picture of a black medusa and ah ha hit me.

Because like many who carry pain well deep down in their soul, they also are the modern medusa to the world. To those that don’t know medusa story she was a raped by a God son he broke into her home and when she wanted revenge her sister turned her into a snake headed being. Because she was blamed that she looked seductive and alluring to men in a way. So, her sister felt that turning her ugly would help her with her situation. Even though she wanted revenge she was wrongly judged and didn’t get the emotionally acceptance that she needed.

It left a her alone and unrecognized by the shame she felt from women and the guilt she felt from men who projected their way of living onto her. She didn’t get the proper help she needed or justice in her story. To me I believe there are many people who can relate to medusa without being raped. It could be being labeled a title by society and them not giving you to the chance to be able to be you. But I digress.

That’s her story just sweet and simple, now some of you are like how does this relate to me. Easy, because a lot of y’all be walking around with all this pain inside of you causing pain onto other people. Then when you go around on your apology tour them people don’t want to hear it because they still hurting as a result to your pain you caused them. In the Archeo Tarot Cards grace has been coming out a lot and some people just don’t know how to give it. One because they have their own problems going on and two, they also don’t extend it to themselves.

It’s funny how we as a society complain about wanting to be accepted but when it’s out voted by the massed the acceptance seems to be thrown out the window until it’s you. I believe Medusa story has a greater meaning because even though she was labeled unlovable or an undesirable creature. I believe she was the ugly we see within ourselves. The things we want to disconnect from at any given moment, the lies we tell ourselves to get out of bed, the shame that we pretend isn’t there, and the things we do to keep our mind so occupied that it limits its presence in our actual bodies.

The terror from the story of too not look her in her eyes because you would turn you to stone. Is how quickly we are to shine a light on other people instead of our own? But how quickly we forget we do the same to ourselves. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you stand in front a mirror? Is it negative or positive? Is it always the physical attributes you attend to first? Do you see your soul when you’re looking in the mirror shining back at you? In a world where healing seems like this miraculous trip as if your own drugs is blatantly bullshit. Because the ones that do the work and are teachers will tell you many give up before they even get up to start.

It’s funny how we all want grace and savior from the most high, but we treat humans with such low behavior. And we do the same to ourselves as well. Do you talk to people who are different from you or does everybody has to be the same because that’s your way of controlling the narrative? Now, I’m not saying that you have to go off and let the devil in, but at the same time do you know who your devil is inside of you.

We all have demons and I believe that we are the ones to cast them out. Whether we are paying a shaman or priest too, we still make the decision to do such. But when will we make the decision? I believe those with deep trauma ones are the ones running from themselves so much that they find themselves in the arms of others who pushes them back to them. But plain eyes want notice this because they perceive this as rejection instead of time to self-reflect.

The pain we feel, carry on, and pass down like a torch one day has to be faced. Sometimes it can be alone but for some not so much, but the higher moral police always have a way of shining a light on those who do the same behind closed doors. I’m always on the side of right and fair, but I do believe that our intentions seems to go unnoticed and that is the problem with society.

You never know what someone is going through and they shouldn’t have to tell you for you to be kind. I do believe some of y’all be nosey and some relationship with certain people shouldn’t go that fair. But from trial and error they say we learn right? Nawl, that was peer sarcasm sweets.

I wrote all this to say that it easy to judge to a book by its cover but there are many people who may not see things the same as you. Stop trying to make someone a fool because you are, we all have our own human experience and everything ain’t about you. Those people who are always trying to control the narrative always leaves me side eyeing the hell out of them because it’s something they leaving out.

Y’all know, y’all have siblings, and cousins have you been over your grandma house and the first-person snitch. Because they don’t want to get a whooping but you never notice how they don’t tell on themselves. There is power in words and people fail to recognize this, they make up our reality and they also manifest such. We have to stop acting like words can’t be used to manipulate a situation and actions can’t be defined by them.

There is always a consequence for some while many believe that don’t have any. Time only tells, stay gracious, stay aware, and stay growing.


Photobomb: Tattoo Artist Instagram: @xxclusiveee_

Blog inserted about the meaning of the black mamba snake I can’t find the other one.

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