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Mental Health Check

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As this pandemic arises in America leaving us in a crisis are you actually taking to time to process you? We know as humans we need food, water, shelter, money, but are you actually taking care of you in the midst of this storm? Most of the anxiety, depression, and mental illness lovers aren't taking care of themselves. They're to busy justifying the actions of others because they're used to being alone or used to living in chaos in their mind. The world is really showing their colors how now it takes a virus for people to be willing to give someone space. Social media is crowded with people and their think pieces and negative energy and not taking into account the energy they're giving off. I know we all get on social media to escape the reality of the real world that we never check the vibrations we're giving off. Chile these pass few days I've been annoyed also consuming energy from others that aren't grounded that it actually takes a toll on my mood. I'm not saying I like to be alone, but I like to spend my time with myself when I feel it it is needed.

So, quick question? What are you consuming in your mind? Who are you following on social media? What are you watching on TV? Who are you alone you with in this "quarantine"? Are you eating? Are you over eating? Are you frequently engaging in self pleasure due too loneliness. If, yes to any of these question please drop your phone. No don't drop it. I just wanted to add the dramatic shock in there. As your reading this walk towards your balcony and breath in the air of the outside. Take a chair and sit on the porch and read outside instead of sitting in bad lighting straining your eyes to read on your mobile devices. Take time to process you, you can place the phone down and SAY I AM ALIVE. I CAN TOUCH MY ARMS. I CAN FEEL MY FACE. I SEE THE SKIES. I'M WHOLE. Most of the times I have seen people so happy to not be in the place they were months ago that they actually forget to exhale. For those of you who don't suffer with mental illness are having a challenging time to sit alone that you're actually willing to let that toxic friend, ex, or old lover back in just to not feel lonely. I mean we're actually getting a taste of how inmates feels being locked in cages and forced to coexist with people who we normally wouldn't speak to. Some of you have roommates you haven't spoke to in months. Just a simple what's up and walks out the door.

I mean its crazy how the simple human connections we crave from the outside entities are more available, instead of the ones around us. I know some people are financially challenged at the moment that you feel you can't have fun at the moment. Well if you have $5-$10, you can go to your local dollar store and get some coloring books, crayons, crosswords, playing cards, jacks, and other art essentials you can actually have fun. As parent this can be a perfect time for team building exercise moments with the kids. If your child is anything like my mine prone to FortNite buckle up the only thing I can say, is set at a time for them to game and then you can do chores around the house and have family time. You can always tell the kids it's wash day for hair and deep condition their hair. You can place plastic bags on their head and say you're space men get creative. If your like most people happy to finally be off work and just to need relax do so. I'm not saying you have to go out and do all this today, but it's just simple things you can do. It's all about not feeling overwhelmed with today's concerns that you actually let fear control you.

Also, be mindful my spiritualist and empath beings a lot of people aren't actually looking for you they're looking for what you possess. Take note to remind yourself of the POWERFUL being you are. Remember lonely souls only seek a vessel to hold their misery. I think as a union we have to step back, relax, and watch. This isn't the time to be hoarding energies, this is actually the perfect time to start to release old thinking, old ways, the burdens of other, the opinions of others, and cleaning house. I know social media deactivating isn't possible for people who make money online but at least and hour away from your phones should be an helpful start to your social media cleansing. I believe in you in this time. It's time to get honest about you. Remember to do what you can while you can, the goal is to work when you don't want to not when your tired. So, get that rest if your body is saying so. Wake up and stretch if your body is saying go to sleep for my people who are feeling down. Remember your talents and be willing to discover a new universe in you.

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