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Messages From Divine

How do you interpret your messages from Divine? As you can see the collective of people are now moving into magic and cursing their whole bloodline because people make spirituality seems so cool. They act as if magic is the only thing that comes with spirituality. When in fact I beg to differ because the only difference is you don’t always have the luxury of a pastor or classes that is available for you to learn.

I mean you have atheist and people running amuck talking about God and you still have to find a way to speak or talk to God your ancestor can not do all the work alone. I mean you always people trying to define this life but yet have mastered their own. I mean spirituality isn’t going to a breeze you’re still going to encounter people like you would in the church. And that’s the messed-up thing about it because people act like, to be ascended is some glorious nature.

I mean you have people who consume knowledge well and parrot it right back to you and you have those who have mastered magic well but suffer with humans. I mean it’s tricky but that’s my rant and I’m off of it and let’s get into the post.

As I wrote before how do you interpret what message is for you? The reason I ask is because when I was going to church somedays it felt like the pastor was speaking to me only because he talked about worldly problems majority of the time. And the other times when I found my self lost it seemed like the messages I needed wasn’t there. I mean I learned really quick its always going to be somebody mad, hurt, evil, and just downright cruel.

But what about happiness and maintaining it because that is something people struggle to find and keep especially when it comes to themselves. I see so many people looking too tarot but without asking their God or God’s is this message for me. I mean no matter what practice you go into you still gone have some prayer. It’s just us black folks’ favorite question is who doing the praying because we know folks like to get shady with messages and start messing up the prayer line. TRUE STORY!

But a lot of times when I used to pray, I prayed out of routine especially when I was need until I found myself surrounded by people who always needed me. They didn’t value me for me they valued my gifts and that will piss you off. I mean I had firsthand seen how God felt when I would only reach out when I was always going through something. You and a friend, cousin, sister, brother, momma, or daddy ain’t cool right now because you always thinking and asking about yourself.

No, I’m talking about money I’m talking about people who don’t listen well, always revert the conversation back them, the energy drainers, the woe is me type people, and the ones who always ask for advice but go against the grain. I mean I used to sit at home and be like I wonder what God doing until my ass got a piece of that pie baby, I learned real quick what boundaries where like.

The beautiful thing about having ancestors they taught me things about themselves and myself to the point I got equipped with the signs and messages. I mean I stopped praying for awhile but o boy when I showed up and start back talking to God, I was like who is this lady that you are sending over here am I crazy. And my answers where confirmed back in 2015 when I found a shaman on a web page talking about her gifts. I don’t know how I found her but somehow, she changed my life forever.

I keep telling yall I’m going to give that lady the biggest gift when the time is right because she doesn’t know how she helped me so much. But, when I was reading her page and scrolling through what she was offering I felt a chill, serene type vibe. I was confused because I was coming from church and my gifts had start becoming more available to me and I didn’t know what to do. The church couldn’t help me the way I needed.

I mean I didn’t want to give up on God I just wanted to learn what life was teaching me and when I finally found out that was okay, I was straight. See, I am firm believer there are many deities but there is only one true God. You can’t tell me different and don’t even argue with me about it because I won’t argue back. Call it the luck of having an intuition.

Now y’all know my services extend to a wide range of people and let me tell you if had a $100 for every person that doubts me baby, I’ll be the next billionaire. You’ll be amazed at what people try to hide from me because the world judge them for being human. And the ones who try to test my boundaries and just to see what I am really made of me blow sometimes. I just get out the way and let them have their way because for what my granny always said don’t argue with a fool.

The term fool is derived from the term folly. It is a person who can’t obtain wisdom and instruction they only heed to their own voice which ends up being their demise. I mean we all have been folly at some point in our life.

I wrote all this to say that when you are seeking for answers, mentors, voodoo priest, shamans, wiccans, pastors, therapist, schools, careers, lovers, and money deals make sure you put out the intention to be available for the answers you seek. Because when you move blindly you will always suffer a consequence whether it hurts you or not that will be lesson you have learned.


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