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Message From Spirit

Someone maybe looking for clarity on something but they could be to scared to speak about something that is bugging the shit out of them. Someone maybe awaiting the right time to say something and I am hearing, "push the god damn button" from the Rugrats. Someone maybe scooting around a issue and someone just may flat out and say it because it is causing some emotional issues . Possibly even and heated argument about something that is playing them.

Now this could be gossip but it doesn't feel that way it feels more of do you know what is going? With a very authoritative tone behind it and it has one of y'all missing the whole entire point of what is being said. Someone feels like you are doing something about an issue that is causing them a lot of stress. Your stress maybe causing someone else some stress and someone needs you to do something about it. Now it could be a roommate situation where you maybe stepping on each other toes. Like a college dorm where somebody is studying blasting music while another person just wants to sleep. Someone has to be realistic about as much as they can get out of a situation instead of pushing the narrative and boundaries in a simple connection.

This could be people who hold you back and it's time to pick a side and take stance so you can go in the direction for you. You may have to cut off some people for your state of mind. This maybe adapting to the idea that everything will not perfect all of the time. It isn't about saving face but accepting that you cant change everything that is wrong so fast unless your buy yourself. Now for others some of y'all may get mad because you have been looking for something and specifically money and someone has spent it. With no regards of giving it back and this may have you heated.

And for some of you, you maybe taking this person to court on an issue and this maybe a family issue and everybody wants you to think about them before yourself. So, you may not be caring. Now the 10 of cups is upright it's like a black movie where the family try to support each other the best they can. And someone had a goal and dream in mind and it ended up being destroyed but the family comes through in the end. For others that is your story but realistically that is not the case.

Their is this fake energy in the air of let me play nice so they can drop this case against me. No, I just see you blocking this person and moving on with your life. Someone may have blocked all of their kinfolks on social media and just living they best life. And this has a couple of folks mad because someone maybe relocating or on vacation out of the U.S.

Just be mindful of being to open at this state and time and seeing things from others perspective because a cycle has to close out. Someone has to learn how to be comfortable when it comes down to making a decision whether it is right or wrong. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen but being comfortable either way is what makes the journey smoother when acceptance is on the table.

P.S. Stop lying how you feel to protect other people feelings. Their is a right and the wrong to express yourself emotional but you'll ever learn if you don't learn to express it first.


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