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Message From Spirit

Someone maybe in a live in situation where someone plays on there fears. Someone doesn't want to end a connection, commitment, or even leave a relationship because somebody plays on your fears. You may have even been a funk about it too because you want to try and go out and connect with people, but you have this urge to go back home because of Stockholm's syndrome that is created by spellwork. Someone is just going to have to experience the fear of life and not being bound by this person.

Because this is nothing but a toxic tie hell even a soul tie because someone is doing this purposely. If this is mental health issues it is time to get honest about needing help. Because someone has this courage to get up and go but at the same time a fear is keeping someone bound. And it is through magic I don't know what type of voodoo this person is doing but it is depressing. Because while I was outside it felt like this energy that was trying to push through me and I said no ma'am.

As soon as I went through the door it stopped. I said what in the voodoo bullshit is going on here. Because someone doesn't want to stop, or free someone/you from a situation. All I can say is keep pushing because I believe in you.


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