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Message From Spirit

Someone could be in regret about things that played out in the past but for someone it isn't your job to take on their care. Your season is your season and some people are going to have to be fine with that. For some this is some form of anxiety about an issue because someone may have done something diabolical to you and they carry this grief of did you know it was me. And for some you know what they did to get you demoted, to not get the job, experience some form of exile, or wanting you to be humiliated.

Now, this isn't saying go off and be cocky about the issue but honor the feelings that come with this situation. Because I don't know who need to hear this but a leopard doesn't change it strips. Why would you give someone the ammo to hurt you again if you know how they are coming on an issue. This could be as simple as someone who continually tries to show you up. If you are on the same team then why does this individual feel the need to outcast you all of the time. You can take it personal but for me I wouldn't because they have made you their personal business.

You can take that how you want too and move accordingly with it as such. This could show up as the jealous ex who doesn't want you happy. I'm sorry someone but they just dont want you have that moment in time or memorabilia with this person. This is a cycle of let me act like I like you only to strike again. And for some you have fell for this game one to many times and spirit is calling you to take a step back and see it as it is. If you don't save them then who is. If someone doesn't have gas in their car then how do they continually make it you. And this is metaphorically speaking.

Some of y'all are dealing with people who gas up their metaphysical cars and say let me put this on you as if you are an altar. Sometimes the only thing you can do for someone is light a candle or pray for them in the best way possible. Stop taking on burdens because you feel the need to show people you have changed because someone didn't see it in you. You'll know when spirit is calling you to pass a test because you'll have enough time to study for it.


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