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Message From Spirit

Message From Spirit:

“Once around the riverbend for me I am coming for me”. Whew, who is this that has been in a struggling cycle with life that spirit has been trying to tell you to go get you. I don’t know who needs to hear this but put you first the only people who are going to get mad are the people who don’t understand what it means to be still. There has been a lot of moments that brung clarity, peace, strife, burdens, and even sadness but you have been trying to keep a cycle going that has been over. Have you ever seen someone get locked out of place and they walk up with keys in front of people only to know that they've been evicted or put out. This energy only works for them because they get to go off and blame the other person who is tired of them. Only to receive sympathy from other people. Only for you to recognize that they do not want to change.

Yes, this is the energy some of you have been battling with. It’s like spirit has been putting it in your face that you’ve been distracted with so much. So, why not let me let this person get on your nerves so bad until you do something about it. And for those who struggled in COVID area when isolation was popping I know this is a task for you. Because sometimes we ask ourselves are we tired, are they annoying me, or am I just being a bitch? Sometimes we allow certain people to overstay their welcome in our lives when we are not cognizant of where we are going. That at times when we are experiencing any inconveniences we find ourselves having misfits when it comes to communication. We might even say something we don’t mean but it could’ve been said in a different way. Because when you are a person who tends to overlook a lot of flaws people tend to have, you let a lot of shit slide. And especially if you are in an avoidant stage in your life when you are trying to escape reality you tend to allow too many people back in or around you.

I mean that is what a coping device is for whether they are good or bad. Now, I am not saying go out and sleep around and get high but sometimes you have to treat yourself like you would if you were under the influence. Now, I know this may seem confusing but hear me out. As an ex fellow weed smoker I would love to go out and have fun, laugh, do silly things, and enjoy the company of other people because I didn’t prioritize my home. Now this doesn't roll into the care of the place but the value of knowing I had a safe place to go to when me and the world was out of sync. So, the weed smoking phase became chronic. I mean you can go and ask the people who used to serve me because I didn’t really much enjoy my own company until I would be having a sensory overload. You know how we are as humans when we party too much and it starts to show up in our work capabilities skills, staying up late knowing you have school in the morning, or cheating on the week you are supposed to be dieting, yes. Those were moments when I knew I needed to get control over my life but when you are young so what you always can get it tomorrow.

But as a person who has a tango’d with death and has had a near death experience shit your ass be recognizing you have a whole list of shit to do. You get to thinking about all of the things you could’ve did right, the second chances people gave you, how you have failed you, and how life has been playing out in front of your eyes. For some people it is the wake up call you need meanwhile for others it isn’t. They look at life as if it is another day to do the same shit. And if you are a person who is trying to preach to the choir instead of walking that talk you’ll find yourself backsliding into that same merry go round again because you didn’t want to take the leap. You know in traditional tarot the Fool’s Journey. See, the things is when you find yourself preaching to people who didn’t experience the same feelings as you, you easily try to find a way to relate to them so you can get a message across. “Baby are you God?” Honestly, I’m trying to figure it out.

You can only lead by example and sometimes that example is leaving some people alone so you can build you up. Sometimes you aren’t in the energy of courage where you can take a chance on people just yet, and carry their weight. No, sir you have to go off and build up the endurance that is needed for you so you can make it to your next stop in life. Because sometimes when you are trying to do God’s, Source, or the Universe work they make it so evident that you can’t. Because some people are so damn hard headed, thick skulled, and ignorant to their own mess they wouldn't even know their own truth even if you shoved it in their face. The thing that you are looking for in life is the placebo effect. You know how they tell y’all how they manifest when they really be using spellwork, energy harvesting, sex magic, and crown chakra manipulation. Yes, you think just because you want to feel good, that good is going to happen.

If you don’t even know you are sad how the hell you gone know you're happy? Make that shit make sense. Sometimes y’all don't even be giving yourself the grieving room to figure out the emotions that you carry around in your mind, body, spirit, or your force field. And it’s crazy because y’all be having the nerve to expect the unexpected and classify everything as bad and negative when you don’t even know what spirit is trying to teach you. See, when you or has, was, or is getting high or participating in less expressive emotional coping skills you thought nobody would ever know. You hid that part of your light in the darkness because the parts of you that craved to be seen came out in trying times amongst people who live in darkness. This is why some feel no remorse for the things that they do because that is all they know. This is why you experience the affliction you do because it torments them that the fact that you are trying to change.

The light you have in you is the same light they carry in them as well. It's just they feel that the opportunity for help has surpassed them so knowing you have it, brings them joy. It’s not about the pain you experience from the things they put you through. No, it’s the fact you still have hope and they need it too. They may not show this is the way you desire it to be shown. Because they don’t know how to appreciate it because their light wasn’t cherished as well. So, instead of your bobble head ass being engulfed in the darkness that is around you, you keep finding a way out. This plagues whomever this person is because they live in negativity, strife, hardships, complaints, being a negative nancy, and debbie downer. You may be their source of support or energy supply because it is giving a little bit of a narcissist and empath paradigm or a little bit of BDSM like dom and submissive.

The problem is you want your power back, your life back, the love you have for you back, your sanity back, your health, and love over all. But the question is how are you going to get it when you keep getting in the car and driving towards the direction of the problem. Spirit ain’t driving you in that car, baby it is all you? When you gone stop going in circles when the blueprint you keep asking spirit to give to you isn’t being in no damn karmic loop. Tell them people by and whoever wants to go with tell them to come on but it’s only one conductor on this show. Amen.


Song: Pocahontas, Just Around The Riverbend


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