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Message From Spirit

Come read this right quick! I do not own the rights to this picture.

Who owe somebody some money because somebody is fina come pay it back or give off the illusion that they are. Now for some this is past tense because an argument from the past is coming up because somebody lied about something. Maybe gifting you something, offering you something, or give you some support but it's back handed. Things are just now at a peak for you but it may not seem that way because you are focused on everybody else. You are too busy looking at what other people have and not what you are making.

Now for my love birds you have someone who has been taking their precious time coming on in. It seems like right when you got your hoes back and your confidence here comes this mother lover taking about they ready to settle down. Girl if you don't get the fuck on and do you. Keep in mind girl is gender neutral over here. For some of you, you have been asking for a little help from spirit about your lovers or love life and they are coming in and baby you got options.

It's like spirit is showing you their true colors even through the facade and some of you have been left with the take or leave it mentality. And this maybe a hard pill to swallow when it comes to you making a decision because it's seems like you aren't getting clarity it's bringing confusion. When I say they are showing you who they are that means do you want to be with that or deal with that for a long term purpose. Do you know if you have the capabilities of sticking around for a long time? Are you looking for a long term commitment? Are you bored is it companionship you seek versus love?

Because you have more questions that you haven't answered yourself but you getting on spirit, people, places, and things nerves when the answers lies in you. For others it maybe time to give up your player ways because this a knight of pentacles baby they have been around the rodeo so they know something's so as fast as it seems this person is coming to you they will be gone just like that. Because whoever this is see you and your bullshit. You ask me I think they should pass on you because you are lying about your intentions with this person.

But in the words of me do what the hell you want to do because I don't want to be blamed for a damn thang when you are the ruler of you. I will tell you this somebody has a feminine who acts like she in still interested in this masculine or feminine every time they get somebody. 👀 It's like clock work for this person and it's getting old real quick because it gives off the illusion that y'all are more than what you say. So, if you know you got someone in your life who is throwing your dating life out of wack it maybe time to go out for drinks by yourself. Break down them barriers you have with yourself and get out there.

Hell if you frisky do some speed dating and if you want someone to go with you call me we don't have to walk in together. It could be the baby mother or baby daddy type scenario because it screams "BRYOOONNNN!!" Because shawty just want some money and attention. Oh, and delete your ex, stop stalking them people on them fake pages if you gone be triggered by everything they post. You always say you through with them but every time they post a pic or like something of yous in the DM or on the phone posting on social media with the blurre out name and posting stuff like we always gone fuck with each other.

Moral of the story if you don't like the options you are getting it's because you haven't fully closed your doors. So the lovers spirit is sending you may not be your cup of tea. Hell they may even be boring to you. You gone be mad when you scrolling down IG seeing they in love, on vacation, swag done change, and they skin got that happy weight on it. Boy you gone be sick because whoever this is, it is happening with all of your old hoes. Now if that ain't spirit telling you to sit down I don't know what to tell you.



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