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Message From Spirit

Accountablity be tearing some people up. As I navigate today and yesterday, I been picking up some heavy ass energy and let me tell you something I really thought somebody dog died, they lost a lover, a friend is gone, or thought you may be going through a tough time. Main, this energy is nothing but accountability because someone doesn’t like the taste of, their own medicine. I get it going through life thinking your untouchable is a great feeling until you finally get hit with your own shit. Sometimes some people don’t snap back from that, it actually makes some people worse. The way society has us so desensitized to many things people are going through is insane. Because the way we live through our phone is mind blowing. Because according to social media we live on the go. We can go live from anywhere, post from anywhere, and do basically anything anywhere with our phones.

But the harsh reality is, is that we can't always do everything everybody is doing. It's not saying that if you want to become a scientist, a stylist, a musician, an editor, or a writer no. It's basically saying that how some people live isn’t in your rule or play book. I get it we grown, and some people be forgetting that being grown is being accountable for the things you put into the universe. See some people forgetting that every action has a reaction. And the reaction they get from spirit, source, or beings around them can make them uncomfortable. Because before we do anything in life, we have a choice to do something or not. It doesn’t mean that it can prevent certain things from happening, but it does show how we can be cognizant about the things that are playing out in our life.

Now, I don’t know if you are going to be cool or come out of bag with me but hear me out. All that spell work was bound to catch up to you in this day and age. It is nothing you haven't done that another who has walked this earth before you haven’t done before. The problem is, is finding someone who is a wise counsel who can help you correct the error of your ways. But the way people be yelling I'm grown, I know this, and child, you can’t tell me nothing it’s basically hard for someone to come forward and teach something when they know don’t have to. See, the ones who get it they get it and the ones that don’t, they don’t. Now, I don’t like this method either but sometimes some people have to protect themselves from other worldly beings and entities that be crawling all down your back. Because some of them things y’all be messing with be trying to rope other people into your mess.

And let me tell you I got my fair share of shit going on so when I try to help I do the best I can but if I can’t I try my best to refer you to someone that I think is capable of doing the job. I ain’t money hungry but I do like my paper being untouchable. See some of y’all hard headed these lessons some of y’all learning it seems like you learning ass backwards. Because the way spirit been throwing y’all left and right and placing you back at where you start is nothing to play with. The work I have done have come with many days of feeling self-defeat but the goal was to ever give up. And for some of y’all those challenging battles you are fighting is a war that is within yourself, it’s like who are you going to let win. Is it the addiction, the drama, the sex, the chaos, the fast life, depression, isolation, anger, control, rage, or drugs?

The choice is yours because those pathways are always open to you at any given time. But the kicker is when you are petitioning spirits for help especially the high vibing ones the kicker is if you are not a good listener them things will put you through the ringer. They'll equally ruin shit in your life just the same as someone casting black on magic on you day and night. It won’t be fun to them unless it is an avenging angel but in most cases it’s because you wasted, their time. See, the upper realm beings got egos just as big as them lower vibrational entities y’all be working with. The way you go down to railroad, graveyards, and mortuary and conjure up them things to do its things, them angels be on the same time too. They are messengers from a higher realm and also whatever you presume to be God, source, or your spiritual elixir.

They have a job to do such as the dark to balance out the matrix and keep a divine flow going on, but the way people have been trying to cause destruction, doom, and sadness over people lives is really throwing things out of order. I told y’all in a video I did about a year ago that some of y’all messing with people that divine basically blocked it from they birth chart so we wouldn’t know they Saturn return was coming real early in a reading. And some off y’all have met such individuals because they don’t know how to stop. It's the epitome of the Boy Who Cried Wolf but know it’s like the doors you knock on are now closing to you as you scream for help. And for others those doors are not even available to you anymore. See most people when they have dark attachments, they rarely find out what type of entity they have on them or the behavioral patterns they have adapted and picked up while messing with such.

They don’t seek out the proper guidance to figure out what it is they need to remove it. And when it’s incapable of being remove sometimes it’s a lesson that’s attached to it. Because if you are not aware of the damage the spirit can do and someone else knows it but not by name. Why would they adapt to this state of mind by dealing with it. And another thing I don’t like is that spiritual incest shit where y’all have adapted this state of mind that you’re supposed to share energy, your gifts, and luck. Baby, I be ready to go war behind that shit because I don’t like that. Some people don’t know how that can be offensive to people guides, ancestors, or beings. That’s how they get messages. Now some they know, they are just spiritual bullies and feel entitled until they get karma or reprimanded for it. Because it ain’t about you it’s about them. These teachings this day and age need to be removed from some people's hand because they are doing a disservice to certain people.

Some people are not in a postion to teach and show others anything when it comes from personal gain, biasness, and ego. They can quickly ruin the spirit of many people because of their own desires. America still don’t own the globe the way that thang be moving, grooving, and causing havocs to their plans, baby I'll be pissed. But this day and age spirituality has become about showmanship when it’s really not. Just imagine that you are Ang the young adolescent spirit who is a thousand years old, but the world sees you as a kid, but they don’t know the strength you carry in that realm. That is what true spirituality is, it is to be at peace with the self that a war on the outside couldn't even disturb a soul even if they tried. It is not to be weak, mild, or love and light. But it is also not reactionary to everything and everyone because we all have a greater mission to fulfill out.

But it’s hard when they have this agenda of knocking down light workers and turning them against each other to throw off the cosmic balance. It's like who do we look to be healed when the healer needs to be healed. You got healers trying to be a doppelganger, clone, energy harvest, and mimic others all because of the need of entitlement. Skipping out on their own blessings and wonders because they have become consumed with the ways of others teachings. If you are in season unsurety honor that because if you have been saved a butt load of times and wind up back in the same situation. Your guides are trying to teach you something to be content with the spirit of discontentment. Because the last time when you didn’t know you went off creating storms where rainbows were supposed to be born.

And in the consequences, you are back at square one in the same stifled emotions. I think the lesson is learning to own the decisions that is you make in this life. Because can't nobody take a burden off your hands if you don’t know what it is you need help with. The signs be all around you just have to remember it ain’t always gone show in no 222, 333, 444, 1010, and 1111. Sometimes its emotional patterns, the way you think and act, or the same cycles you keep ending up in. What do you need to do differently this time? Is it honoring your truth, learning how to say I am wrong, or I don’t have faith because life has taken its toll on you? Doppleganging and stealing energy ain’t gone help you out because the discontent within still gone be there when they call, they power back. The problem lies within, and I don’t think you are ready to say that.

So, as you bleed on others and possibly onto yourself don’t develop the woe is me dynamic because spirit has been warning one of you. TATA MY LOVE!


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