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Message For The Week


Before I was so rudely interrupted in typing out a half page message. I said be mindful this week of the spirit of confusion. People who have selective memory and start up conversations to cause some form of chaos. Because you have some one who likes to do things for shock factor when it really rubs people the wrong way. You may have someone who think they are being emotionally intelligent when it really is the opposite.

It may show up as someone who is always opposing the things you say when they mean it and they may you pass this behavior off a lot. Moral of the story watch the conversations you have with certain people because you may recognize half way through that your plight is falling on deaf ears. Now this doesn't mean don't stand up for yourself and assert your boundaries but knowing when someone isnt worth the breath that God put in those lungs can save you some time.

It's time to get started on the goals you have been putting off this week and see how you can accomplish them. It's time to finish that paperwork for that deal and finally fire someone from your life. It could be someone you have allowed to speak for you only to find out they don't have your best interest at hands. I'm sorry some of you guys are realizing that some people have gotten to comfortable in your life and they have the idea that they can speak for you as if they know you.

This could've resulted into a fallout between two people and somebody wants to keep bringing up the past while not respecting someone boundaries. Everything isn't about them and it's time to make things about you I mean they do it why can't you. It may seem like a petty, tit for tat, or even exhausting but your happiness is on the line not theirs. Honor the shifts in your life and move accordingly. Some of you have been praying for a way out and spirit is giving it to you. Just be mindful of the new beginnings you are creating and who is coming with you because some people are showing and telling you exactly how they been in your life.

By the way have you been on the tube if so go check me out.

Weekly Zodiac Readings:

The element of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). The element of earth is ( Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo). The element of fire is (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The element of water is (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Remember all messages may or may not apply switch and feel free to watch any message that you feel relates to you.

WATER: Somebody may need to rethink a couple of things possibly anything tethered to business. Because all money isn't good money and someone may no privy to a plan that may wreak some form of chaos on someone's life and possibly backfire in yours. Remember someone has been warned and they just want stop until the jokes is on them. Now for other I'm hearing old school someonodybis going back to the basic because some new shit just ain't for you and some people don't like it. You had too many people in your business hello, read the paragraphs above. It may have been some form of a money heist going on and someone thought they were going to get rich only to walk away with shit as I literally smell it in the air. Somebody maybe putting some pressure on you saying they want to be your boyfriend!!!

And someone is saying it loud for those that is thinking it is your toxic ex no but for some. We ain't talking about that cheating, no good as nigga no the one you classified as toxic because you couldn't get your way. When you wanted spirit to lay it all your way because it had to be this way only for some changes to be shaking up your life. Also I want to say if you have a secret keep it with yourself or share it with your favorite person because a tell it all in the groupchat. Have a goodnight. Blows 😘

AIR: Who is this messy ass friend that always want to keep tabs on you so they beat you to the punch. Some of y'all have someone who only likes to hit you up when they are good and not the other way around. This could result in you feeling like they are using you and they are trying to make themselves feel better. They be judgemental of a living situation or how you live your life. Some of you moved back in with a ex and you guys are not together nor having sex. Somebody saving on bills. I'm hearing don't get too comfortable because it's going to affect the child support you need because someone may think you are trying to get them to provide for a lifestyle you want. For some this is the case and they are doing this but for the majority it's not.

Because somebody has been ready to get that off they chest. It seems like someone wants a night out where you are kicking the other your girls. And some of you are realizing you don't have this either you isolated yourself away, snaked them out, or just drifted away. But I'm hearing your only one call away. Be clear about your intentions because somebody is in the nesting phase so you may not be available like you think you are because you have mommy brain or just busy bossy life happening at this time. I DONT KNOW WHO NEED TO HEAR THIS BUT KEEP UP THE GOOD LUCK!

FIRE: Who is on the merry go round with the same ish? You ain't tired yet because I am. It's like lights, camera, and action. You maybe dealing with someone who likes to show out when they get around other people and it is annoying. This maybe a buzz kill because I see you and this person having a heart to heart behind the scenes only for this person to turn around and do the same shit over and over again. And some of you are tired, this could be with a tv show. Like someone is in producing and they are looking for something but the creative directors want to stick to the same script. This may have resulted into a strike, fight, or a loss of drive. Because someone just want give up the gist. It's like people saying they want to go home and you have Mother Dearest saying and one, two, three, four, and again until I feel it is good.

Inconsistency does breeds a crack in a plan but damn when do you rest and how much y'all getting paid. For some you ain't getting paid a dime this a intern position and some of y'all about to say fuck this shit and move on for good. Because someone has someone trying to mimic someone down and it is exhausting. I see somebody saying if this bitch don't do this I'm not doing it. 😂😂. Girl I know that's right we already to pack this shit and move on. Work on your throat chakra because you may say something you can't take back. And you trickster who do say shit and mean but back out on it count your days, count your days.

EARTH: Somebody is expecting you to lose so they can win how fucking sway is this shit. Girl, if they don't get the fuck on when life already hard the fuck enough. Nigga we trying to live move on with that shit. And some of you let this person do it because every time you stick your neck out for this individual they bite the hand that feed them. I'm hearing Leo ♌️ to be exact. Flip the roles if it is the other party. Every time you get something good hear comes them but this person maybe your saving grace before you go bitting they head off because you almost made a deal with the devil for real and trust they would know. It's a joke calm down. But for some they do know. Isolating ain't gone help if you keep invoking this person or thing back into your life somebody has to learn how to say no or live without it. It could be a habit, person, place, or thing but a shake up is on the table. Im hearing roll the dice because something has to change. You been doing the same things for so long so why not change. This could be someone getting married and somebody is getting old and settling down. Now this could be the couple that's been together for a minute and they are about to tie the knot. Shout to you because its been there for a minute yall just been emotionally separate when it comes to life. It's two people who kept trying to navigate life without each other only to find out they need each other. If this is that toxic couple please stay out they business because we don't want to hear that shit beloved. Somebody keep getting it together. Someone either has a fire sign all in their energy or a earth sign has been all in fire sign energy. Alright I have to go because y'all message to long. Bye


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