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Child, after clearing the girls I decided to take a break and let that shit breathe but what the fuck is up? I posted some love readings on the other page so y’all go check them out plus I been all over the place. But none the less we fina get back into these readings the monthly’s will be dropped before the out I know I'm behind but bear with a bitch while I try to get something together. QUICK MESSAGE!

Seems like business affairs may be more prevalent at this state and time because it's two different people with two different approaches. Someone is thinking about taking funds an going at something alone because a company may or may not want to take a risk. It could be a side business adventure or a new business adventure for others you maybe getting dropped from a label. And for some of you, you are going to be happy, it could be a happy parting of ways. Because some of you have been wanting to go in different areas with your creativity. It doesn’t seem bad but if you have been around here acting like the waters are still, I'm here to tell you baby you about to be crushed. It could be someone is getting fired or their services are no longer needed.

For others this could be that someone no longer wants to be the face of a company anymore, someone maybe stepping down and putting themselves on autopilot. Mama Shirley on the job about to leave and she has been there a long time, and this gone hurt one of y’all. For others you gone find out that someone has been stealing company funds the company ain’t gone tell it but they gossipy as friend is going to tell it all down at the water cooler meeting. It's really giving Knives Out when the daddy found out he was spending more on school and everybody was getting over on him and that had got a couple pissed when he got his affairs together. Now I don’t if this is a passing someone is preparing for or someone is getting themselves out of the way of everybody because Miss Mamas somebody is tired of the bullshit.

It could be someone constantly asking for money, needing you to fix something, read, go over everything, and needing to be responsible for everybody else. It could be a child in the mix, that’s why somebody is getting out of the way. Someone may cut the nanny off because she is making six figures or living luxury when her services isn't all of that. You can't even get her to go on a store run even if it isn’t in her job description but they sho’ll want them checks to keep rolling in. Somebody who act like they love you doesn’t they just in for the money. I am not talking a literal relationship it’s them false praise they give or always riding your wave. It’s a little bit of resentment behind their tears that you think is joy. Whoever this is, is sinister than a mother lover because if they could tell you to break a leg, they would literally want you to do it.

They maybe into divination but for others it’s not, it may roll in the guise of something false positive. If you are looking for a message from spirit its about to become clear as day if it was a reveal to see what was going on your life somebody is about to expose it all. That’s the work this person does get ready because it brings tears, pain, and even happiness because it confirms your suspicions about people, places, and your existence in this life. Only the strong survive so don’t go looking for answers you aren't ready to get. Baby we need to have that talk about the whole fake twin flame thing because I'm so sick of this sick. And who the hell crazy ass walking up to someone and telling them that they are their Twin Flame. Boy, if you don’t get the fuck on.

This is somebody that is broke energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and passing on dead ass energy. They are looking for you to feel up they cup by any means necessary, you got to stop judging a book by its cover. Because people be dressing and stepping nice as hell and be broke, evil, and down bad internally. Pick your battles wisely. A friend or a soul mate could be trying to wiggle they ass in your life because they been down to the church if you know what I mean performing rituals on your money and everything fell on them. They hate the burden they have they so they may show some true emotions, but they don’t mean you no well. It's the old my dog died trick and they are doing the oldest ones in the book.

You gone see how happy this person becomes when you start pouring into, they cup. It could be an addiction when they are really addicted to spirituality. Someone may have manifested some money one time and they need to do it again, they feel like they don’t have to work like that. And this works for them, but they don’t have the tools because the spirit is rejecting them thangs. Baby spirit is Shaqing the shit out them balls like get that shit out of here. So, them 20, 30, 50, and 100 dollars means a lot to them. Baby, I’ll be ready to fight behind that little as money. Now there's a difference in someone gifting it you because it’s a blessing but to sit up and wait on it when they know this economy is ass is a different breed for me.

Side bar do you know how much energy you got to give up to perform the rituals these fools doing. If they are casting big shit like this to get some money how they gone get up on they feet baby, think fool don’t fall for the okie dokie. Because baby you got some shit coming in that’s gone help you be a better you. Some of y’all digestive system just got back right. Your skin is starting to clear up, you started working out, some of y’all been strengthening your spine, so why would you fall flat like that again. Be mindful because this love bombing as ex that’s coming back in going through hard times it may not be financially, but he still got somebody in the mix. He confused and if you have been clear minded you don’t need that confusion in your life. See you on live. OH, AND JUST BECAUSE I SAID HE DON’T MEAN IT CAN’T BE A WOMAN TO.


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