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Mental Health Check


How y’all doing as for me I'm living that’s the best answer I can give you at this time. Is it me or does it seem like time is moving slow and fast at the same time. It seems like the more you try to accomplish something it seems as if you have something else to do? What is that lethargic shit they spraying in the air outside? Is it me because it ain’t no melatonin bitch I know melatonin. But let's get right on into this blog because I got things to do such as; cyberstalking a nigga page, staring into space, wondering why y’all be lying so much, where is my approval letter, why my start date can’t come next week, how can I spiritually shock some people who always throwing that magic, keep some bitches out my business, and wonder from time to time why they ain’t never happy. I know that seems superficial but it’s an apart of my reality.

Get your journal out because I know you haven’t been journaling, I know you haven’t been going to therapy, or even getting out of the house. Don’t ask how I know I just know you been in the house on the couch in the same spot to scared to move while at the same time wanting to live. Start asking yourself throughout the day where am I mentally? Set a reminder on the phone for as how many times you need. Especially for those of you are prone to go off and create scenarios in your head about how other people. If you live too much in your head, how do you know what is going on in reality? Those are your thoughts not mines how will I ever know if you don’t communicate them. For the rest of you please hydrate its hotter than the gates of hell outside.

I’m one cry away from begging God to speed me up to get to winter without making anything seem suspicious. Some of y’all wonder why you are not feeling recharged when all do you is drink caffeinated drinks, coffee, smoke weed, and drink alcohol all day. I know those are coping mechanisms but if those things are to help you be a better person or to be more active in the real world then why aren’t you. I know escapism when I see it! Learn the power of grief and how to let it serve you. If you lost a job, get angry. That don’t mean go out and ruin your life and start fights with people to end up in jail. No, express it whether that is through crying, writing, calling up a friend cussing up a storm, breaking something, or even let out a damn scream.

Keep track of you the way you track those likes, retweets, and other people on social media. If you can’t recant your day, not the whole day then how will you know to strategize for tomorrow. Let’s just say you and Sharon hit a rough patch but you never have problems with her. Words go unsaid for a period of time to the point you guys decided to put distance in between y’all. You haven’t seen this person in light years and you have the same problems going on in your life. We’re adult's so fallouts can be tricky when you fall out over stupid things. We are not talking about gossiping, back stabbing, betrayal, and you setup queens. Just a typical misunderstanding. It creates a tense environment to be in so Sharon decides to break the ice and you basically dismiss her.

So, she eternalizes it and never speaks to you again meanwhile overtime the problems you have going on seems to vanish. You are back flourishing in your happy space and now all of sudden you want to reach out and the cycle repeats itself, except this time you have an attitude. Which is normal but while you were in your storm you didn’t give a damn about anyone but you. So, now that your life is back to perfect or alleged normal you want everyone to be receptive to you. I am a fan of the idea that everybody doesn't need to know what I am going through, but I am aware of how I leave a social or emotional impact on someone. So, now Sharon and you go off and create these scenarios for other people to feed into because you guys never stopped and sat down and communicated about the issue at hand.

Just because someone doesn’t have a significant meaning to you doesn’t give you the right to be shitty and take your bad moods out on other people. And the same should be said vice versa because I do believe in asking a person are you busy, can we talk, are you available to listen, or when you get through, I need to ask a question. You may ask how does this have to do with me keeping track of my days outside of work. Well because if you notice the emotional encounters you have with people outside of work. You probably would've noticed that you wouldn’t want to be friends with Sharon in the first place. We have a way of avoiding our own gut feelings and instincts when we are going through a tough time in life.

Because when things tend to take a toll on our emotional health, we tend to forget about a lot of things that is very important to us such as; eating, hydrating, showering, working, taking care of your responsibilities, and also time management. I am avid for you taking care of you so you can be a better you for you, but when you don’t choose to speak up and acknowledge your own self you teach yourself others that it is okay for them to control the narrative in your life. And just like that problem evaporated out of your life a new one was just created out of thin air. But if this was real life and this petty drama started over this I would so be saying “FUCK HER”, but I wouldn’t allow to dictate or sway my mood.

You are the master of your reality so stop avoiding you and get to figuring out what it is that you truly need. Those guides, helpers, and prayers will always be valid and come through of assistance to help you, but if you don’t know the help you need you just doing yourself a disservice.


P.S. I want to AMEN


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