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Mental Health Check

Depression a mood killer right the one that nobody wants but every seems to have it or get diagnosed with it. To me depression is just a long stint of unhealed emotions that stems from grief sometimes, I view it as energy that was transferred from the womb and unto you. That’s why safe healthy pregnancies matter for women outside of physically carrying a child. Sometimes drugs, environmental factors, and who you decided to procreate with affects the baby health or in this case your health. From a scientific perspective it can be a person who is unable to experience genuine emotions for a long period of time. Sometime this happens when the chemical imbalance is off and if one is to experience a life full of grief how can you ever enjoy happiness.

For some people this a struggle for those who suffer with depression because trying to trick the mind into experiencing happiness can cause some form of anxiety. And let me tell you being a state of fear, hyperventilating, wanting to shelter yourself from the world, and yearning some form of safety nest while being estranged from your body will wreak like havoc on you. Most people think depression is something you can turn off, journal away, smoke away, fuck away, or run away from. When its actually seeing you throughout the darkness of your life with healthy tools. Grief that has been unhealed, acknowledged, or suppressed can come off as depression and can cause a misdiagnosis. Being honest heavy drug and alcohol use can cause a chemical altering in the brain. As well as short term memory loss, motor skills loss, and other unhealthy habits that come with that.

For some people it is just being honest about needing help because you fear being label crazy or just being vulnerable. You do have some doctors who slap a depression sticker on everything and sometimes its not. It maybe feeling lonely, wanting love, emotional support, friends, or inability to put yourself out in the world. Sometimes it is seeing your friends accomplish their goals and you think will I ever be good enough? Do I fit in this group? Do they really love me? Seeing them happy in love and saying I want this but how do I get this? And if I get what they have will it make me happy? Trust me child these are all thoughts some of us have said to ourselves in this world! Trust. You are never alone its just that we have people who are so busy with themselves that they never stopped to even take into account and see that they are alone too.

It isn’t one definitive map to accomplish or conquer your demons, it is the path you decided to take to conquer them. Contrary to popular belief constantly saying affirmation and expecting the best without working on it is torture. Besides social media will tell you that all your friends are useless, call everybody fake, shame everyone except the evil of the world, and make you feel as if you have to stick everything out by yourself. Child, they be doing to much and if you hadn’t noticed ever since the rise of social media a lot of people are starting to suffer with some form mental health illness. It takes you away from socially connection with people whether they are good or bad. It deprives you of your human experience, it is the voice box for the words you dare to say out loud such as; I LOVE YOU, I NEED HELP, I’M SCARED, and I’M LOST! Right, because some animated machine that is created to be your every desire is gonna make you feel alive again.

Now this is in no way shape, form, or fashion a diss for those of you gamers and people who are into technology. Some of y’all like these avenues and create them for people who suffer with some awkwardness of making friends, but for those who need humans’ baby they are STRUGGLING! Because some of the people online are not like they post be. Some of them forget they are human and that the character they have built online isn’t the real them. Have you guys seen FREE GUY? You should go watch it; I normally don’t watch movies but when I do it somehow is at the right time? Coincidence much? But that would give the insight on how doing repetitious things on a day-to-day basis can be damaging for some. And how he didn’t know he was a robot, I found that quite funny when he decided to go after the things he could change.

And when he seen the behavioral patterning or structure of something he already knew what to do because he had been through that before. CHILD! That’s that hermit mode ain’t it, learning from yourself when you decided to get to know yourself. Depression isn’t as easy to take on because that bitch puts up hell of a fight for someone who does nothing but kill the FUCKING MOOD! That’s needy little cunt for ya! And if you look around, I know you know its somethings and people in your life like this. Feel free to name then in the comment section I would love to see that. But be careful with you, be patient with, and honest with you. Know that these techniques that are available online can also scare the shit out you. I’m not saying that to put fear in anyone, but I’m also going to give you an example. When the body has been programmed to live in such a state it can take change such as happiness as a threat.

Because the mind is the most powerful thing in the body but when you have control over your mind and body you become a powerful MOTHERFUCKER! So, when there is a disconnect between the mind and body one or the other fights to stay the same causing conflicting energies to arise. This can show up in the brain or the body like fight or flight, paranoia, shutting down, overthinking, heighten nerves, or creates another way for you to do something to stay in the same emotional state. This is why getting to know your habits is very important and when I say habits I’m not talking about addictions. The things you do, the places you go, the friends you have and when you call on them, and the things you eat too. So, journaling is a very affective technique to take on but if it is not as detailed then how would you know.

For me I like to have different journals for writing or expressing myself and dealing with certain issues. Keep in mind some people will not be able to be med free. Sometimes it is lowering the dosage so if you were to have a busy day or forget to take your meds you already have practices into place to get to know you. So, I said all this to say is that I’m out tell somebody to somebody to send me a cash app, PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, wire transfer, money gram, money order, or a gift card. And when all else fails in your life I’m never too proud to take them funky twenty dollars from your hands and put it in my pocket. AMEN!



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