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Mental Health Check

Mental Health Check:

Do you know your body? Do you know what causes you to react of out of a place that causes emotional displacement? Over the past couple of months, I can say this has been somewhat of doozy when I comes down to getting up and tackling day to day issues. If you have been anywhere near this project or near the perimeter of what I been through then I know how tired you are. From the constant drama, sexual affairs, pregnancy, death of loved ones, and spirt wars then how you doing? That being exposed to all that on a constant day to day basis takes a toll on your mind.

Causing you to look for some escape out of life whether it be in a healthy way or a toxic one. For the past couple of months, I have found myself exhausted from the all the pain other people have been going through that I haven’t had enough time for me to rest. I mean I get to sleep but I haven’t had that healthy amount of sleep. The kind where your home is spiritually protected, entities aren’t allowed in your space, the room to roam around in my own comfort, and just some damn peace and quiet. But I ask what do you do when you cant have those long moment by yourself.

Do you start to find a way to minimize the problems of your day to day or you find yourself trying to escape the problems by calling on friends, drugs, sex, meaningless projects, or start creative ideas that never seem to get done? My child then it is time to figure out what is the problem and find a way to stop it from causing you blockages in your life. Start by writing down what drains you and what does it take away from you when you are trying to engage in it. Does it stop you from making dinner, going to church, doing divination work, going over homework, missing PTA meetings, lack of emotional intimacy in your relationships, and just general rest. Now keep in mind rest doesn’t have to be going to bed but being comfortable with doing nothing without feeling burned out.

Because being a human having a human experience with no mental illness child we go through mental exhaustion, fatigue, missing out on meals, and falling short of the glory. Mental health check does not mean that you have mental illness it just means that you need to be present, aware, and vocal about where you are. If you can’t do it all the time then you could at least find the time to crave out once a week or at least twice a month. Where it doesn’t involve a beverage, drugs, or sex as a way to deal with your emotional wellbeing.

I just wanted to stop in and say what is it that you need to cut out of your life that keeps you from being at your full potential? And are you ready to do something about it if not just addressing it and finding ways to fix your emotional response can teach you how you deal with certain issues later on. Be well, well rested, hydrated, clear minded, and vocal about your needs. Can I get an AMEN!


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