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Mental Health Check

Mental Health Check:

Where have y’all been mentally? What is going on in your life that is occupying majority of your thoughts? Is good, does it bring you happiness? Does it take you to a place where you can escape from reality and be able to live peacefully until you want to return back to earth. What is literally shaken boots?

In the recent months as the seasons is changing it seems like collectively, we have been pushed and pulled into many directions. For some it’s for their highest good for them to step into full union with themselves without the constant need of approval from others. And I’m not talking about the validation we receive from the clothes we wear, the hairstyles we get, nail designs, and likes and views from social media. I’m talking about knowing when and when not to seek outside for things we have inside. Such as love, happiness, self-awareness, and acceptance.

I get it many of us have been doing it and while managing this elongated COVID quarantine whew child, it has been a mental gymnastics program I am ready to hop smooth off of. It’s like a long rollercoaster ride that doesn’t end because the server is on the phone watching TikToks. Like sir we ready to get off this damn ride. The kids is screaming because now things are no longer fun and meanwhile mommy has to keep them calm.

If this analogy went over your head, please just try to read it again later. Child, I don’t even have little kids but these last past few weeks has felt like I had 4 kids under 5 constantly saying mama and doing shit to get my attention. Meanwhile I want to pull a southern grandma move and beat everybody ass so they can cry themselves to sleep. Girl even your shadow gets tired of putting up with things you shouldn’t have to put up with.

But what are you doing with that anger that is festering with in your body? If it makes you feel any comfortable, I have 4 revenge schemes playing out in my head because a boundary ain’t gone help certain people in my life. Child, disgusted is what I am as I type this! Did you know anger can cause emotional and spiritual blocks in your body? If you know how to use your shadow properly, did you know you can channel that energy into your spell work for those of you that like to do earth magic.

That anger un-channeled can put you in many situations that will end up costing you your warrior or your emotional support system. Because when the emotions go unchecked for so long Divine has a way of placing those same people into the some pretty weird situations for them to take heed to their emotions and actions. In most cases when you want to apologize for the wrong that is going on sometimes the apology that is needed is within.

And if you are human, good luck with that because we always seek out external reasons why we should numb and suppress a lot of emotional problems. Side bar, I said when Aries season was revving up in the back like a track star waiting on the baton to be passed them. Baby spirit been out here blocking spells, intentions being looked at again, and passing out F’s like you do it again. And that do it again was a sarcastic response which some are not catching on. While the collective of people has been trying to continue to do the same things over again, because they are not taking heed to the fact that they’re not supposed to be doing that.

Child spirituality is going to get your so far in the 3-D if you not learning the lessons that is happening in your own life.

But I wrote all this to say that it’s okay to take a chill pill. Child I’m going on a detox from social media not from posting blogs, and readings. But from just sitting on their scrolling through the comments and screen shotting shit that feeds my lower nature because it’s time that I grow. Child I’m talking about mentally not physically because if my ass not plumping out, I don’t want it.

It’s time change up the direction of people you converse with, follow on social media, and places you frequent. And child the frequent places gone tear my ass up because I’m a fixed sign so once I like something I kinda like it forever. It’s just getting me to like it. Take your breaks for you, relax try to find time for you to be with you throughout the day. Even if its 15 minutes a day. No human should be around other humans all the time even if the frequency is right. Go, for a stroll and think with you.

I said Gemini season was a healing season, so this is the time to sit back and watch the foot traffic you have going on in your life. This is time to see the highlighted behavior in individuals that may or may not be internal. Positive affirmations ain’t gone work if you don’t try to apply them affirmations where you need them, especially in an action sense.

Remember love is a frequency within itself and in order to tap into its higher power it doesn’t always have to be about you.


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