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Mental Health Check

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

While the world is moving slow it seems like time is too. I didn’t even get to do my tax time rant, not about how people shouldn’t be stunting with they money. But going to places that got the sales and stuff and not letting that nigga flip your income tax. Baby a hustler really got to be in him not because you want to see him come up. I digress.

I just wanted to come on here and tell somebody to cleanup they social media. Stop following things that aren’t of your life like exes, lifestyles, friends, and old mentalities.

I mean it’s cool to check on someone from time to time at least add a little flavor to your page. The human experience is dying off and we are being desensitized by being exposed to things that certain people minds can’t handle. I mean hey everything ain’t for everybody.

Topic Switch

Like the topic sex was cool but it has become more of a taboo feeling. You have people going to extreme measures to feel pleasure when the mind and heart aren’t even on the same page. You can’t just fuck the pain away with unhealthy coping mechanism skills. I mean sex is trendy topic but some don’t even talk about the valuable moments.

You have everyone doing everything because so and so did it. Talk about a world full of leaders sho’ll doing some followerish. I mean you might as say well social media is the new mind control. Yikes. And those who are at home daring to be different may be questioning their sanity, physical appearance, and wisdom because you dare to be different in a world full of Timmy Turners.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with that episode its were he wished everyone was the same so, Cosmo and Wanda wouldn’t have to hide. They ended up losing him, and that episode has some valuable lessons in how you can’t do what everybody is doing. Something is bound to go wrong one way or the other. I mean everything has its time and place. And as well he lost himself trying to fit in with everybody else.

We were not born to be the same, you may find some people who like the things you do or do the things you do but that doesn’t make you the same. They may not be in your life for a long time but you’ll know if they are bound to stay. Sidebar I rarely like people who are like me because how would I ever enjoy my life to its max capacity if everyone is on some blob s***! You’ll just find yourself in ego battles and pointless arguments because somebody is bound to outgrow somethings.

But I just wanted to say that I see you and keep up the good work. Don’t know who this fo,r but I hope it helps. Remember to count your triggers. Triggers are the things between you and your patience. If you don’t know the number or the things that can cause you to spiral. Guess who’s going to get called the basket case not me because I know I could be one but YOU.

And in this day and age people love labels and placing them on people to cripple your human experience. Have you never heard of the word gossip? I always say it’s a little bit of truth in those lies you just have to be smart enough to catch it. Get you some rest and if you can’t sleep smoke a little weed and if flares up your anxiety take a chill pill. You need rest for your brain to function at a healthy pace.

When you aren’t getting sleep you are bound to be off on things. Trust I know I had my vamping period a long time ago and child, I value my sleep. Learn the motto of if I can’t handle it from 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. then it isn’t my worry. Now don’t go being all literal on me I’m professional procrastinator so it works for me. You insert your own time in and figure it out.

Check out the forums on how to journal that’s where I’ll be putting my how to and to do list. So, be checking over there for different things each week on Wednesday. The check out for readings will be fixed by Friday because I been seeing you guys trying to purchase it and my ass be off just living life. I’m a one band show and I just be excited to write.

She coming around just bear with your girl.


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