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Mental Health Check!

Hello, mothercukers! What yalll doing? As for me I have been in the spirit of a pull back it has been too much happening around me and not for me. As for you what is it that you feel is pulling you from what is calling you? The energy lately has been a bit emo and baby I haven't been feeling it. And for those who suffer with seasonal depression and bout of depression I know this energy hasn't been the best. Have you been aware of you.

It is okay to say I need a moment to myself and pull back a bit because times has been trying. Christmas is coming the holidays coming up and the rush to get things done can take a toll on you and the people around you. Don't take on that energy of doing too much and over extending yourself there could be some form of a crash and burn. And the result of that can put you in the spirit of lack where you barely have time for you. I am not saying be stingy with your time but prioritizing should be a things.

If you only have energy for work and eating do that. If it is watching your favorite TV show, hair tied up, and chilling with in your undies do it. Now I didn't say call in but use your PTO you need it that is what it is for. You can't get the best of you if you are too busy giving you away to everybody. If it is feeling the need to slow down on content do it work with your subscribers and not against them. You don't know the countless of times a content creator wants to take a break and have to hit the ground hard to financially sustain. Save your money for a rainy day. It's okay to say hey I don't need all of this to make me happy today.

I can just sit back and relax sometimes you don't need your homegirls or guys to take a nap. You can see them after the nap. The need that people are pushing to say get up and go, go isn't going to work for everybody. And to be honest where are you going to go. Holidays here, people flying in, and patience is short. Take the break and say you know what I don't need the unnecessary stress. In the words of that man on that tweet "can we argue tomorrow I have work on the morning"? Save your energy for you. People maybe calling you selfish but if you are always in the energy of give how the hell you are going to receive.

And for the ones that always take, take these next 10 to 20 years to figure out why you always took. Go get your rest as for me I'm on break. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes! Mama is on a mental vacation because girl I HATE IT HERE ABD I WANT TO GO TO MY DAMN HOUSE! AND TO YOU FAKE PAGES I HOPE SOMEBODY CATCH ONE YALL SLIPPING FOR LYING, PANHANDLING, SELLING FALSE HOPE, AND STARTING SHIT!


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