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Mental Health Check


The monthly readings are being posted on the forum. It is a link up top to it. All you have to do is click on the more and go to forums and read the monthly horoscopes. I told y’all I’m in the need of switching things up right now so bare with me while I can. Now in a couple of readings I have had behind the scenes some people have been struggling with their mental health. And for some it is time to get real because some of you have been living off of meditations and a prayer when it comes to your mental health. And for some it is making it worse. Now I am not a trained psychologist but when it comes out in a message and I see it I will say it. I do not believe in the idea of not going to therapy or taking preventive measure when it comes to a manic or depressive episode.. It is what you say to your therapist that is going to have you in a 2023 winter straight if you know what I mean.

I wrote up a blog post on finding therapeutic outlets for you to be able to better channel your emotions. Now some things cost but for the majority something are free if you are in a financially challenging time. And for the ones that are not in a financially challenging time it’s just you rarely carve out time for you to better treat your mental health. You don’t have to be diagnosed with some form of a mental illness to know that life is fucking you 7 ways side ways and sometimes a cigarette or a ciggaweed break isn’t going to cut it. Feel free to follow up and look at this post and see what works for you. And if you see something I need to add just put it right in the comments somebody may need that. Finding A Therapy (

Now let's get back on the subject, “how are you doing?” I see some of y’all in the tired crew with me waiting on life to push out a batch of new humans who are not going to slow down the matrix too. And no we ain’t talking about no newborns because if I find out one more person is pregnant I think I might lose my shit. Because little humans are cool but when the parents and the adults of the world sucks ass. Whew, who needs that. Child, I keep asking myself and Jesus as you know I call him Joshua nigga what is going on? We as the adults are tired, BOSS! The humans are always obsessed with money and the capitalist are acting like society is burning a hole in their pocket by asking for better living wages. I mean don’t they want their business ran by us. Like child clubbing, going out to the bar, and the restaurant thing is making us swole ass hell. What in the Dredd movie is going here. Did I not get the memo? If so, come get me. I hate it here. Sincerely a nigga like me just keep saying the same damn thing.

Now, healers I don't know if you are going to be cool or come out a bag but please stop doing therapist jobs. I get it there is only so much you can do and this isn’t an attack. Now, there are some healers who do fall in the category of a therapist. We are not talking about you. We are talking to this new wave of spiritualists who are now trying to go the fast route to get some money. And y’all as in we have been fuckign these people up. The constant need to identify the synchronicities of life and put a meaning behind it. Do you know how many people have thought they was tapped in and knowing damn well this wasn't their calling. I’m just asking because is there some goal of community you are trying to reach. Or is there a goal to help as many people be free. Because the way there has been a batch humans who have been rooted the fuck out, black magic down, and confused ass hell is mind blowing to me.

And the constant need to have this desire for love when they experience this everyday. But how can the average person see this when they have people who are constantly downplaying what someone does for a living? I’m talking about the local people you come in contact with on a day to day basis. Like the people who see you grow up such as the local corner store, your favorite store to shop, your favorite fast food restaurant, or just the people who see you everyday. The compliments you get in passing without the need to be seen, to explain, or even give the rundown of who you are because of the organic energy exchange that happens between you and them. What is happening? America help me the hell out!

Because society is now the human age of living robots. Is it me or does it seem like the light in the world has been dampened? The small things we used to find joy in have become filled with hate because of the lack of protection we have in this society. You remember when the elders used to call out the wrong behind the scenes. It’s like we don’t have that anymore because the role these people had to play out really sucked the joy out of them. So, teaching us what to do wasn’t something we were open to because of the way it made them feel. It’s funny how we sit up and say I'll never be like so and so. Only to need that person or those people to do the things we are not willing to do. It’s like we are getting hip to the fact that the matrix is fucking broken. And not in a sense where we have extraterrestrial beings rolling through group chat smoking on a backwood saying, “ YO MA, WHAT’S GOOD?” No, it’s like we are really seeing the dying of humanity right before our eyes.

Like the normalization of drama, hate, forces sex, rape, or a darker life style. I mean that's okay on the dark side of life. But when the dark side is looking to the light side and we are having a staring down contest, inserts meme. Like who is going to fix it? Is the question we are all asking. Because the solutions are simple but its the the power hungry crazed individuals who feel like it will fix itself. Like nigga are we not looking at the same shit play out or the elites are too busy thinking that we are the older generation who suppresses our emotions and will get the job down. No, people are looking for a reason to live, not survive. We do that when we are going to our 9-5’s, raising our kids, going to family dinners, or watching our favorite movies. Like seeing that things aren’t possible anymore because the cost of living is whooping our ass is crazy to me.

The contest agenda of false hate is crazy to me. It’s like what the fuck? I’ve never seen a generation of people who don’t care about no one else but are bothered by the most simplest shit. Like someone expressing themselves without being prejudice, bias, or hateful towards anyone. It has to be something in the water I’m telling you and don’t take that literal it's just a country saying when you see people doing some strange things. Preferably when the elders would say that. I usually would come up with some suggestions but child, I just want to know y’all opinions on this. For the people who are struggling with their mental health stop taking life so seriously. And I say this as the jester me not the higher self me. Child, she is on auto pilot from all of the spiritual attacks, the constant think pieces about me, or the raging manics who feel like I am ruining the world by existing. I just want to say did you throw that trash out the window again. If so, I think it is you who is running the earth? Not me though!


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