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Mental Health Check


Is it me or does this season feels like the fall rolling into the winter and those who suffer with seasonal depression know that feeling oh too well. I don’t know if the energy is jaded because we have a cosmic imbalance going on to the point, we have too much negativity in the world and not enough positivity. And when I say positivity, I am not talking about those who give us a kind word and post kind things. No there is generally no good deeds going on. You know the accomplished feeling where you get off work and feel satisfied coming home to a house you pay bills in because you're satisfied with your job. Due to the rise in social media and so many people are trying to force the narrative that in order to be rich is to have an influence on a collective of people is ruining the masses. Because if everybody is to be rich, desired, and have power what is it that they are doing with this quote on quote influence.

Like what about those who are in need, the jobs that need higher pay, and the freedom that comes in making a mistake without the pressure of needing to be right because of someone on social media is going to clock your tea. The evil villains who wreak havoc on this world with their think pieces forcing agendas is exhausting because it was fine when some people were sheep. Not trying to force the narrative of being woke and dragging a collective of people down the drain. I remember when you could just go to places simply because they had the vibes not because of drugs, sex, or money but because it was the energy they carried. Like it wasn’t the need to steal it, copy it, or harvest it. It was simply to enjoy it. You have so many people this day and age trying to be something they are not and they forget that sometimes some people don’t want you to be anything but you.

We forget how some people just make you smile, their essence, the way they carry themselves, their intellect, the simple ghettovity of it all, the lack of decorum, or just riding in the hood and seeing the kids playing with the fire hydrant and making it rain. It's like the simple things have become a privilege when I beg to differ because the people who have nothing to lose are the ones who make this world go round. The ones who wake up and say fuck this shit and keep going because they decided that the matrix wasn’t going to keep them bound. They decided to give the love they no longer needed away because they have a lifetime warranty on it and in order to wash out the old they have to spread that shit like a wildfire in order to keep it in a flux. But in this day and age it’s hard to harness that energy because the ones that don’t know love will quickly be condemned for it because others do not understand it properly.

And when I say love no, I am not talking about your interpersonal relationships I am talking about the ones that teach without wanting anything in return, the ones who guide us with wisdom in life only asking to be loved and treated with respect, and the people who teaches us without humiliation. This is what the world is missing but it is hard to embody that energy because now those people have grown tired of being devalued, underpaid, misused, and even abused. People act as if those who do things out of kindness of their heart is always supposed to be in a giving state when they/them/you never give to anybody. So, if you're not paying it forward, and the next person is not then why are you are you mad that someone demanding that you pay them in a currency that benefits their happiness. That is you who is emotionally unstable and discontented with life projecting your insecurities and belief system on to us, and those who know how to make money we make the money that makes us happy. Nobody doesn’t believe that money doesn’t make you happy but when you make it without a goal or not doing anything you love, oh how quickly it doesn’t make any sense to have it. And when you think like that the divine will definitely send someone along your path and show you how they can take it, steal it, or even manipulate you to get it.

In a world where I haven't said it in a minute, I think people need to start minding their business because you ever know what somebody does or the impact they have on people. I was raised by my elders to never judge a book by its cover because you ever know what's on the inside of it. And for those you who are more analytical like bougie baby daddy when betrayals happen did it come from someone that you didn't know or someone you least aspect? See, my belief system is anybody can do anything so I don’t underestimate the value of how low someone can go but I don’t let it allow me to lose sleep. Because a hater gone be a hater, a bill is still going to be a bill, and life is still going to exist with or without me. So, I do my best to lead by example of how I want to treated with a little bit taste of my shadow in tact I don’t be bothered by other people too much. Because they life choices ain’t mind.

In the words of the wise to correct a fool is to become one. This is how I be at peace with the decisions someone makes over their life because I don’t have to live with the consequences but being a supportive person, I'll stand and watch the show as my friends burn it all down. We all a have million reasons to be an asshole, and to succumb to jealously. Find a million ways to find you something to do that makes you happy versus wreaking havoc over a collective of people because you are having a bad day. I really appreciate that girl that originated that saying go touch some grass because if were being honest some of y’all need to go lay down in it with the cows and figure out why they jumped over the moon. So, if you felt like today that your mental health is going to shit just find a way to switch it onto autopilot and find a pause button before you go doing things out of mania or becoming manic because you don’t know when to quit.

Everybody needs a moment to decompress but this hidden agenda with Marshae like I'm the leading cast member off of Kill Bill is quite insane with the amount of problems that need to be solved in your life at the hand of you. if were being quite clear though, I don’t think that Batman signal your using to signal people to come after me is working like you thought it would. I think we both need a break from all the havoc and chaos you tried to cause in my life and plus you still have a million people that you guys stirved up and they still feel entitled to money that they believe they don’t have to work for. So, when you are ready to cut my checks that y’all owe me and put that stamp on my name and stop acting I ain’t that girl and I don’t reign down in my area, sweetie our conversations will remain short. The moral of the story go find you somebody else to play with. Because this is my job not yours, I didn’t ask for help in an area where a group of individuals tried to go off and employ people that I didn’t ask to work for me in my life. I like free balling life so I don’t need the hassle of your drama on a constant day to day basis.

In the words our internet grandmama baby, mmhm, mhhm get somebody else to do it.


SIDENOTE: I am doing love readings on the channel I'll be going live on YouTube any day now. So, catch me in them YouTube streets. Y'all probably wondering why I didn’t finish the black family drama a hit dog got mad and started planning chaos because they don’t want people to do the work. Oh, and they still have many people trying to be me and mimic my work because I don’t fit their mold of being manipulated into their agenda. But baby we are still here rocking and knocking. If Austin fat lip ass ain’t run me off they sholl ain’t gone do it. I just need my coins and I have been too passive and letting people play in my face because I don’t be caring about them folks. Sighs, watch who you have children by because they can sholl know how to ruin a mood. I'm trying to keep my coochie so close to me like y’all mamas used to have y’all in them stores because y’all used to be touching shit for no reason.

Drops mic and slides off stage and all you hear is the squeaky sounds from SpongeBob.

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