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Mental Health Check


What y’all got going on have you been keeping up with your mental health? Now is the time to do some assessments in your life whose draining you and whose charging you up. Because I feel this massive shift that’s coming up and I want you to use this energy to the best of your ability. What has been calling you and what is it driving you towards certain things. Is it good or bad? Somethings aren't worth the hassle, or the wait so use your time wisely. The sun is coming up and baby I feel my skin ready to show and glow on through because these seasons, transits, and lessons have been hard as hell. Some of them I feel have been unnecessary challenges because some people are just control freaks and drama lovers. At this big age some things really don’t be worth the reaction because everybody is trying to make a quick buck off of you and trying to go viral.

I be telling people that shot at fame they be trying to get gone bite them in the ass because if you don’t know how to keep the attention of people it can work against you. The whole I'm popular, mean, and pretty don’t work no more when it comes down money because when you come to someone who really trying to make money, they really don’t want to hear that shit. Them scheme and scams can only get you so far because when the public catch on to that shit baby they that don’t let that go. They will hold on to that shit for dear life and it be hard ass hell to rebrand after certain things. We now live in the day an age where people are looking to be a part of society and not against it. So, the whole I want to be in your life, talk to me on the internet, and entertain us can be doxing on some people. Because some people don’t want to get a PR team so they free ball this shit. It worked for some while at the same time it doesn’t work for everyone.

I mean think about your favorite celeb and how they album didn’t peak or reach its max sales because they were so focused on getting our attention versus showing us the behind the scenes footage. They didn’t let us be a part of it and I know it might sound crazy to those who never had to do this, but this is a real thing. I mean movies don’t even get the proper publicity they need anymore because of their marketing skills. And as creative baby I would be so hurt, cutting up behind the scenes, cursing people out, and everything because when you are good at something you be wanting that recognition. Because the artistry comes from pain, hurt, deceit, love, passion, lust, drugs, and the things you crave. The things in life that made you who you were/are and when that doesn’t get recognition at times it can make you lose faith in you.

I'm not saying that your faith relies in them but at times you need that support from them and as viewers, subscribers, even if we identify as fans. We can forget that you need light to it requires a balance in order for these things to work. When I learned that I was a part of someone's dopamine I said cut the fuck up because that’s some powerful shit. A narcissist knows this, and they abuse this but for me on the other hand I was fucking mind blown. Because who knew I would be like the morning coffee, the newspaper read, or a part of someone's morning jog to get up and go. Baby that’s not only power that’s humility for a person a trust and believe in you more than you believe in you. Sometimes it's overwhelming but at the same time it is actually what it is, “LOVE”

Just a reminder everything doesn’t have to be a rush but at the same time you don’t have to wait for someone to heal you or fix you. I drop them links so you can help you when you feel like you have nobody. Stop acting like I ain’t help y’all do it on your own its okay to outgrow and come back to check in from time to time. Sometimes you need a boost of inspiration and you be wanting me to verify the things you are doing. IMA SAY AGAIN BABY, YOU AIN’T PARKING YOU DON’T NEED NOBODY TO VALIDATE YOU! You grown, baby we communicate over here. If you are feeling lonely say that. You need support say that don’t be over there huffing and puffing wanting me to pick up on nonverbal cues. Baby ima leave I deal with too many attitudes and people on day-to-day basis to be constantly deciphering things.

Now sometimes I slip up and y’all do too. Y’all be acting like I'm some superhero even though I have bounced back from some of the most egregious shit baby I'm human. This human design and my higher calling wrote it in my soul contract to be healer. If it was up to me baby, I'll be laid up taking trips no kids, slim trim, and making money in my sleep with a sugar daddy. Baby, I been resting, rejuvenating, and processing what the hell has been going on with all of these fake accounts, hackers, lies, smear campaigns, theft, and stolen money. Girl, ask me how my mental health been I been going through it (sarcastically)? Y'all been seeing them fake ass pages, niggas don't want to give my credit, and that manipulative ass little boy who been causing all of this shit. What happen to hating people by yourself? Like child I thought misery don’t like company. Why do they be in groups? Is this high school or what? P.S. LEAVE THEM PEOPLE ALONE AND DO YOU! I DON’T KNOW WHO NEED TO HEAR THIS! DONT LOSE YOURSELF AGAIN BECAUSE YOU FELL OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. SOMETIMES ITS BEST TO BE ALONE! GOD MIGHT BE TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!


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