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Mental Health Check

Mental Health Check:

Seasonal depression is on the rise. I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but I didn’t bring you here to talk about the same thing. Ima leave yall with some tips and awareness for people who may or may not be suffering through the holidays.

Depression isn’t always someone who is sad sometimes it’s a person who just exudes one emotion and unavailable to feel any other emotions. Sometimes these people can end up with addictions to people places, or things. That sometimes can’t be good for them because it leads to codependent relationships and when they leave or disappear it causes them to spiral out of control.

People who suffer with mental illnesses are people they are not children, pets, or to always be subdues by predatory people. Now keep in mind some people who do suffer with mental illness can be the person displaying negative behavior the best way to deal with them is accountability and boundaries. Family will always be family but it doesn’t give you the right to deal with bad behavior.

Now one thing I can say is that when people try to deal with people who suffer mental illness, the worst thing you can do is throw up in their face the old them. Most family and friends don’t educate themselves on mental illness this is why so many people walk around undiagnosed and unable to share the weaknesses. Most people just give them sympathy and its unauthentic, so most people find themselves curled up and all alone.

If it’s a child try incorporating some healthy habits, like exercising, dieting, fun activities that make them feel included, and baby step them. They require patience as well as you do every human isn’t always operating in their right mind. So, if you don’t have the patience to help just find someone who can, if you feel overwhelmed by them just suggest someone who can handle the situation better than you. If you are black please go to therapist, counselor, or a psychiatrist.

Learn the difference between them. A counselor is someone who helps solve problems somewhat like a life coach. A therapist and a counselor are kinda the same just with more resources for as programs, often have state associates, and sometimes can write prescriptions. Psychiatrist is someone who diagnose mental health disorders and often write prescriptions. They often try to get you to unpack life and trying to diagnose the root of the problem. It seems like a waste of time, but they want to dig out the issue before moving forward.

Psychotherapy is more in the realms of reiki, tarot divination, mediation, and ascending of the soul a spiritual in depth understanding of the problem that lies with you, your creator, or universe.

Now that we have that out of the way just because someone is in counseling or therapy it doesn’t mean they can help them; the individual has to be open to the process. Forcing someone to go the therapy and saying this going to help when they can feel you’re doing it to get rid of them, doesn’t quite sit right. I mean its like here you go and gone get out my face type of energy.

Study the medications get MRI’s to check on the brain’s activity. It is a lot of people that is going through karma and getting diagnosed for real life problems they just don’t know how to cope with their actions and life. As humans we have this narrative of, I’ll just get over this or make it through. That that energy we send out seems to come back and bite us in the butt.

Most people who do hard drugs and try to get clean tend to hop from one addiction to another. Examples, church, spirituality, careers, family, school, or activities that they rarely find themselves in the process. Creating coping mechanism of the codependent style of life. Telling people this will help but what happens if you don’t have access to it.

Does mania kick in or the feeling of dismay? Medication is prime example of why most people are now switching to the CBD style of life. Because nobody wants to be high out their mind and unable to enjoy life. I don’t even like pills and chile I’m barely sane like for real. Its just my dumb moments give me that balance of life.

I know social media make everything trending and so many people are using the terminology and you have the mental health advocates saying don’t say this but that’s their right sweets. It seems unfair but the internet is place of fun and to be something you are not some people let people in on their real life, so find what it is you like.

It may seem silly when people say my hair not done and I’m depressed but we live in culture of where if you don’t look your best you don’t feel your best. Scientist did a study that said when people receive alike on social media it gives them a feeling of dopamine. Dopamine is they way we find pleasure and that is to feel at ease.

I told you that in the five stage of physiology acceptance is one of them you want to know if what you are doing is okay and to share those bonding moments with people who are like minded.


Clean up your social media please. It’s okay to unplug for a while, social media has a way of desensitizing you. We are exposing ourselves to countless of information and situations that we never stop to process what is really going on. It really unhealthy to see or hear negativity all the time that shit is damaging. Diversity will be your best tool; you think a device that gives me access to millions of people that I’m just going to limit myself to the people in my city? No ma’am.

Chile, please it’s a whole word and sometimes I want to live it through someone else’s eyes. It’s okay to interact with people of different ethnicities, shapes, colors, and sizes. We are humans we all have skin, a heart, and a brain. Everybody thinks differently and it maybe someone that looks differently from you that can brighten up your day.

The worst thing you can do is go link up with fellow depressed people because you feel they are the only people who understand you. Don’t do that to yourself, your limiting your experience to life. Plus, that is trauma bonding, and you’ll keep recreating that hurt in your life.


Just because you don’t want to be vulnerable with people doesn’t mean you have to keep putting up with shitty people who barely care until you have some manic episode or on the verge of killing yourself. Have your ever thought that the uncomfortableness you get from them adds on to the pressure from the outside world. Our environmental factors can really wreak havoc on our life.


Know your limits as well because you too can be and enabler to certain situations creating a monster and getting mad when you don’t want to deal with them. EDCUATE, EDCUATE, AND EDUCATE YOURSELF.

Stop acting like things don’t hurt you and then getting mad when your kids, family, and friends, don’t want to talk you about issues because that is not the definition of strong. It’s so many hurt people walking around hurting others because on the wrong day that strength they rely on maybe gone. Causing them to do damage to others. Start holding you accountable before you start with someone else.

If you want to be a leader cool if not that’s cool. But we teach people how to treat us not how others treat another person.


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