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Mental Health Check

Mental Health Check- (in my high key pitched voice)

Seasonal depression is on the rise and the holidays are near and I wanted to say are you prepared for the cluster fuck of the holiday effect. The holidays really rev up the emotional aspects of having a family and family finally getting together. If yours don’t do this then congratulations because the rest of us have to sit through talks about everybody kids, the things there doing, how’s college going, and people pretending to care about your wellbeing. When actually it was nice just seeing you and knowing that you are alive.

I mean think about it that’s how majority of the conversations goes, and you leave the family function feeling very fulfilled. Because its nice being around some familiar faces once and awhile because the world can be a bit much to take on. But I’m not writing this to put pressure on you to prepare for the holidays, but this is the best time to get to work on your emotional wellbeing. I mean Mercury is on Scorpio and this is the best time to do shadow work.

The shadow is normally the darker side of life the things we tend to keep in hiding from others. It is normally the not so great things we have taught ourselves that isn’t so beautiful and normally were we keep the best parts of ourselves. For some its tricky trying to distinguish the difference between the shadow and the darker side of life because the shadow at times can be a force to be reckon with.

The shadowy part of you or life will tell you to keep pushing even when things hurt because this is what it feels like to be strong when it is the complete opposite. So, before the holidays season gets you worked and the sun starts to go down at an earlier time and you feel the light is seeping away here’s a few steps to take on before you think about conquering the day.

Emotions are feelings go through them to understand what it is trying to teach you. Don’t avoid what your body is telling you.

Journaling is the best time to dissect the day. Now I know a lot of you aren’t writers and really don’t care about sharing your feelings, but if you can’t trust you with your emotions how can you share them with someone else. You will always be plagued with an unwritten paranoia thinking everybody is out to get to you.

Now is the time to start working on building trust with you. Remember this is not a race this is a goal you are trying to obtain. The only reward is your piece of mind.

Praise your ups if you set out to achieve things and only accomplished half then you still did what you did for the day. My rule is if doesn’t matter between the hours 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. then I will master myself to create time for it.

Remember journaling doesn’t always have to be negative or sad sometimes it can be goals or dreams you keep hidden from others. It’s yours you don’t have to share it with others. Personally, I think you shouldn’t share your journal because some people maybe not be available to understand your perspective from life.


Change the narrative if you catch yourself in a negative state it’s time to process the why. This is also in the phase of counting your triggers so if you know you’re in a mood don’t force yourself to do something you aren’t comfortable with.

If you suffer with anxiety and panic attacks the worse thing you can do is fight it because your emotional capacity for your vessel may weaken over time. This is why anxiety can cause digestive issues and mainly attack the nervous system.

It’s normal but are the people you hang around are people who you can confide your problems in, that my friend is clear sign it’s time to let go of some people. Because after the meltdown or anxiety attacks, you’ll only wreak of shame. Suffering with some mental illness doesn’t make you less intuitive.

I’ve seen a lot of people who suffer with mental illness void their whole intuition because of the need to not feel lonely and only wreak of loneliness because they’re around people who don’t get them.

It’s time to take control of your life and also understand that you can be the narrator in your own story. It’s several writers in life if you need assistance that’s when you should ask but DO not allow other people to tell your story for you. Remember everybody isn’t going to tell it right.

Make sure your selfcare for the day is out of the way. The body needs nutrients to be able to maintain if you don’t feed your vessel anything then you will weaken it. I know somedays you don’t have an appetite, but an apple, orange, bread, or snack should be worked in your schedule.

Try detoxifying your social media void what doesn’t serve you. If your timeline is mainly negative, then get to cleaning up. If its to positive and you feel you lack add a little bit of negative for balance. You will know what to do.

My motto for the day is who’s the bad bitch? It actually came about because I was like if I can face my own demons and not give a damn about what the world thinks of me. Then I don’t have time for someone who doesn’t even know fashion and season to tell me what to wear. I mean fashion isn’t a label it style and style are personality trait that comes from within.

Confidence is contagious. I know its hard to hang around bright personalities but trust and believe they’ll teach that your star shine as well.

Make sure you take time to shower or bath. Generally, I hate taking showers because my inner child likes taking baths. For you it could be the opposite but do it and oil you up treat your body as if you were a child who couldn’t do anything for themselves. Sometimes as adults we forget that. The world has this way of making us feel like were supposed to give our all away to other people and put us last and wonder why mental health rates are up and not down.

Because society tells us to get ready to stay ready so for some for the bathing process is just to get this out to way to start the day. NO, crave out the time for it and if somebody says oh you didn’t comb your hair today but at least my ass is clean.

I always have a rebuttal for everything, but I also know when and when not to because some people will take you down a path you mentally may not be ready for.

You only get one life to live and aren’t you tired of not being able to be happy or enjoy the cluster fuck of life. I mean I free ball life every day and it amazes the hell out of me but hey I got tired of somebody saying you can’t do this when all I wanted to be was my happy.


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