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Making Peace With Your Past

Making peace with your past ain’t so fun when you haven’t applied the lesson you have learned from all the mistakes you have made. And it especially makes it harder when you haven’t received an apology form the ones who have wronged you. In this nearest and dearest Pisces moon, I have found myself self-reflection on all the detriment I have experienced in my life. I mean from the reputation and repetition blog a lot of people been in my business to no avail to the point I found myself asking when the hell am, I going to get an apology?

Its not like it holds me back from growing and glowing because me and God already had this talk and I know the number 9 means stagnancy and complacency so being stuck on the past ain’t gone serve me when I already paid the price for my debt. Its just others have hit a nerve for me by pretending to care only to be in mess and drama that affected me and others on many levels to the point of no return. But I thought about all those people who are stuck on the past.

I mean the collective has been going through baby mama and baby daddy drama because they’re holding onto to the person their partner used to be. Instead of what they need them to be for the child sake at least. I mean grown folks running around like a chicken with his head cut off and not thinking about the direction they are going in.

The collective going through family drama but think by constantly dragging out the past is going to heal them. Instead of seeing how they are affecting their lives and situations are costing them their peace. I said going into the season of Virgo make sure you aren’t asking people to be something you are not.

I meant people wanting loyalty but not knowing how to be loyal themselves or to themselves. People wanting love but the love has limitation saying you can love me enough but not too much because if you go over the limits, they have set for themselves it scares them away. I mean that was the whole purpose of healing your inner child. I mean part 3 coming but not soon though. I mean the collect of women treating each other like trash like we the ones who have hurt them.

I mean the world is dying and in need of love and not that superficial shit. I mean the love that corrects, protects, provides, assist, and just basically there. But who gone be love all the time when folks aren’t used to it? I found myself stuck in writers block because it’s not the moon aspects that is affecting me its is the people that are affecting me. In the words of me I love humans, but I hate they ways at the most times.

Because some stuff just be downright unnecessary for the benefit of the collective. Folks don’t know how to take correction because they think it’s judgement when it’s not. Folks have taken advantage of people so much that you have so many folly people walking around saying fuck it I got it. And the only thing they got is that pain from the past pushing them into the mistakes of the future. I thought to myself damn I am not the help that most people need right now.

But on the flipside, I said who is the help that I need I right now like honestly. I mean for those that have been on this journey of healing and evolution have you took the time to stop and come up for air. I mean geesh when you focused on you sometimes you forget to tell others to grow with you or how to treat the new you. Sometimes you have to reintroduce yourself to people who thought they knew the new you. And that is okay.

But for those of you that are stuck what is that is holding you back your honesty is on the other side of freedom. Like why do you torture yourself with the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve when in reality it lives you bound to the things you can not change. I mean the quickest way to make the same mistakes is to pretend something didn’t happen. I mean true story you don’t know the countless of times people have came to me singing and dancing that same old song complaining about what they ain’t gone change.

In a world where money and fame has become too easy to get its hard as hell trying to get a person to see how they can be the change they need. I mean I say all the time you see people on social media selling motivation for you to get money but when you are hurting mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically who gone motivate you then. I mean running away from everything ain’t always gone solve the problems you have one day you have to face them.

In the words of Funky Dineva you either gone pay on the front in or on the back end and baby I’ll rather pay mines now than to be to trying to accomplish my wealth and legacy fighting demons that ain’t gone give a damn about my goals. I told yall about my battle with anxiety and severe psychic attacks baby I had to learn to let anxiety do her thing. Because the moment I tried to stop her she would embarrass the dog shit out of me.

For the people who are anxiety prone and lovers they’ll tell you them panic attacks ain’t no hoe. The thing I learned is when I would try to fight it, I would put my body in a battle state with my mind that it couldn’t win against. I also learned that in order to get the bottom of what was bothering me I had to face myself even when I didn’t feel worthy too. I mean it wasn’t nobody on the sidelines saying go, go, go, go, who’s next? While I was beating the karmic cycles, generational curses, and operating in a better me baby it was me.

And people sometimes forget that when they are trying to make peace with the past can’t nobody do that for you but you. I can get you comfortable enough but, in the end, you have to be the one to say the words and do the work. I wrote all this to say to remember to work when do want to and not when you’re tired. Because when you too busy trying to be busy you create more obstacles in life that will be waiting for you when you decide to sit down.

So remember the work isn’t a job you clock into its your freewill your choice to do whatever you please with your life but baby make sure you making decisions that benefit you in the long haul and not the ones that harm you.

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