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Magical Blues

Hello casters have you ever got caught up in something you had no business doing. In this day and age magic is something that is fun to do and what they say “let’s connect with our ancestors”. Well some of our ancestors wasn’t the best people in their waken life they made mistakes as well as humans make.

And some of the things they did end up cursing the bloodline well, not curse but put us in positions to experience hardships for no reasons. Like staying in relationships with abusive men, not acknowledge their past, doing love spells to keep men, and throwing around the general evil eye because they didn’t have emotional intelligence.

Anybody can do magic it’s only a selective few who know what is magic. The many mistakes that many people make this day and age is doing spell work and manifestation work in groups with people they rarely know. You don’t know these people ancestors, heritages, or what packs that was made when they reincarnated in this lifetime. You don’t know the karma they have and you go off Willy Nilly into situations with people who may have a heap bad luck and debt to pay back to their source of spirit.

They may end up causing harm to you and place their bad luck on you while they go off into the sunrise untouched. I know it can be unfair, but energy is energy and some people create it and end up putting back into their heritage because they never transmute it or send it back into the earth. Their are some spiritual folly folks who don’t care about nobody but they self. If they can get and they‘ll take it from any spirit who is willing to give it to them.

Whether it be a human, underworld being, or a higher world spirit. The next time you go off seeking to get closer to your spirit guide try praying before you go off in clicks with people. Pay for a consultation with someone and if they don’t peek your interest then move on. Make sure you have a set intention on your questions before you go off wasting your money on something you half interested in.

Because when you are unsure and someone else is their passion can push or coerce your into something because they’re more passionate about it than you. If you‘re not in study or know how to discern what spirit is for you then you’ll be in spirit realm making attachments with beings that doesn’t serve your highest good. Or end up yet letting people steal off your essence, soul, or light because they know you don’t know they doing it.

I know most spiritual people don’t pray because all they do is magic and all they know is magic. Child, the reason why some of them don’t pray is because they use so many dark ass beings for petty things they know they could never answer to they question.

Just remember dark magic always want something for nothing when earth magic flips the profit of what you have. Earth magic may take a long time to manifest but I promise it’s long lasting. It want make you feel like shit because you didn’t do the shadow work, ego work, inner child work, ancestors work, or inner angel work. When you master the 3-D you understand that everything is about your intention and can you do just about anything when your heart is light of feather.

Don’t let nobody goup you out of your religion and into some spiritual cesspool! That may or may not end up taking many generations to heal from.



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