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Luckiest Girl A Live


The review we all have been waiting for, baby let me tell you something I cried, I smiled, I felt inspired, withdrawn, relieved, repressed, acknowledged, and heard at the same damn time. Now trigger warning if you have experienced any form of rape trauma then you might want to cover your eyes as if you were watching a movie with your parents. Now the movie starts off with a girl in a store tagging martial gifts for the bridal shower to be honest, I thought she was going to be a serial killer who is a black widow who finally is marrying the man of her dreams. Child, they could’ve fucking fooled the shit out of me little did I know it’s was a broken girl who thought money was going to be the cure to all of her problems.

She had been on the run from her past and not wanting to acknowledge the pain she had experienced in her teen years because to be honest it was quite traumatic. I like how they highlighted coercion, blatant rape, and drugging. Again, the way the movie had been setup I promise I thought she was definitely hiding something little did I know it was being gang raped by the rich and knew well enough to keep it quiet. And it’s funny as a young girl why did she have to keep quiet about her pain because those boys' parents had enough money to make anyone go away. To top it off her mother was so emotionally distant and so focused on her child being a kid and following the rules that she forgot she was kid. I think parents fall to recognize no matter how many rules you put in to place you have to remember kids will be kids.

They will still be inquisitive because no matter how old you get you have to remember you have only experienced so much of life and you raise your kids based on your perception of life. And this is the cause of many failed relationships with the parent-child dynamic. It is funny how we think at times we can control our destinies only for fate to step and make us redirect our whole path unwillingly. Now she pleaded with her trauma to the point of her of her own ruin that she sabotaged her own self in the process. She even made the man she was with comfortable with the pain she was enduring in her own mind, body, and spirt talk about trauma bonding. Geesh.

A news reporter/journalist reaches out and baby this is when the movie starts to take a turn and brings a about the most massive emotional honesty we could have ever seen. She had been in the relationship with the man of her dreams for so long that she had even became the ideal person he wanted her to be and not the one she wanted to be which was happy. Now he wasn’t forceful or didn’t ask for much but with his money, loving family, and emotionally upbringing baby he was out of touch when it came to a trauma felt reality. For years she had seen her abuser be brought to justice with a lie and made himself a victim when she was the true victim. He made a smear campaign about her and people believed him continuously all because he was in a wheel chair.

Now I'm not gone lie she was feisty little something but holding on to a trauma that deep inside you are bound to experience a phycological breakdown or two when you are pretending to be strong all the time. She had no emotional outlet but two male friends who were also victims of the rich nasty ways and let me tell you they made them boys pay. You may ask where was her mom at home or at work and she still sent her child back towards that school. As a child abiding by her parent rules her mother made her apologize to her abuser because they threatened to sue her. What a sick world we live and how parents can be so naïve to their own kid's bullshit. I think that’s just a cover up for them not being emotionally available all the time and chasing money or a preferred lifestyle.

Her friends had caught wind of this and decided that this enough and the bullies will be stopped so the boy loaded up the choppers and let them thangs sing down the school hallway. They didn’t want to harm anyone but the ones who did harm to her and them. They were a group a bullies who knew that could push they weight around and wouldn’t be stopped because they parents would save them. But little did they know somebody had other plans that day. So, a school shooting had broken out and her friends who decided to take this group down became killers that day. She even killed her own friend because she didn’t want her trauma to be blasted all over the school. It’s funny how women can be harassed, raped, bullied, and in the end, you still will get slapped with the label of being a hoe.

How sway patriarchy is that they get to call a woman a hoe to cover up their misdeeds, demise, and evil ploys. Men you can live without them but then who would willingly be outside on a wire while it's raining outside not thinking of being electrocuted. Hmm? Now time goes on and you would think hey she faced her abuser, yippie we got a win. No, she had to be honest about the reality she created with a man that was basely solely on the needs of her mother. To make her feel as if she had won in life that her all deeds, she did to get her better at her writing would get her, her accolades for being a damn mom. To be honest I thought her and the finance was going to get back together because it seems as if it was true love but she had just embarked on her journey to self-fulfillment.

Yes, he may have made an insensitive comment about the job she was going to take but you have to look at that man took a lot of shit from that girl before he was bound to break. She basically hid a lot of from him and to his right he had every reason to because it wasn’t his job to fix her. I don’t want anyone to think because of trauma you aren't loveable it's just that sometimes your unwillingness to love you can cause a massive divide in your relationships. There will always be a time in your life where you feel like you have to put you first in non-selfish way because your happiness depends on it. So, what if people call you stupid, dumb, or ungrateful but as person who has chosen self-fulfillment, many of times I don't think anything I have done in this lifetime to heal was dumb. Unless that was giving up smoking weed.

Go watch #LuckiestGirlAlive on #Netflix it's worth the watch and I think it's time we have honest talks with our children about the real world.

A world with no you is just a world that exist until you decide to show up, the world may ever know who you really are. - Marshae Lane LIVE FOR ME!


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