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Lover's Paradise Pt. 1


The thing that nobody talks about anymore its always the demonizing of one and making the other seems so innocent. Now I’m talking about getting caught up in some relationship with a person and finding out that they crazy ass hell. Even though society would blame that as karma for saying that’s what you get for cheating you should’ve left. But they didn’t so now what do they do? Do they honestly stare and look at each other in the face and say I have a made a mistake or allow the mistake to drive them apart? Or do they take the mistake as chance to finally express how they feel or decide to leave for good. You know in life sometimes passage ways are created for you to finally discover who you really are. It’s just do you know what is an opening?

I just want to give a shout out to all the social media platforms because boy they do a hell of job by making everything seem so perfect. It’s like the early 2000’s when the mall used to be the hang out spot and you would walk and say man, I can’t wait to get some money and shop there. Only to find out that store is over prized, never have your size, or better yet out of business. Man, that shit sucks. But that was the game it was the art of the illusion to make you feel like you are missing out on something, so you got it. It isn’t that way this day and age because we are made to buy clothes because we need them or because we are searching for our identity. It is the cool kids that has the affect to make you think you desire something even if you don’t want it.

But I digress let me get back on subject see the funny thing about cheating, having sexual outside commitments, and emotional affairs they always get messy. You want to know why because society has this way of making it seems as if everything you need out of life and love will always be found in one place or person. Child, are you Walmart, Target, Amazon, or Dollar General and this ain’t no free promo pay me I need that money. Seriously, its hard out here for a pimp. Now don’t come at me sideways thinking I’m talking about you should open up your marriages and personal relationships. Hell, no I’m talking about how we think that being so consumed with the person we love every minute of day is healthy. Now if you a submissive person who like to be dominated that’s cool but you just have to make sure you’re dating the right dominate person.

Because you still can get hurt and end up in meaningless relationships and feel useless when they decide to pack up, they things and leave. When we find ourselves in the state of comfort by thinking we always got something on lock we never fully recognized how accessible it is to someone or something else. The time you take going through each other phone, checking each other social media, and trying to post pictures to make people mad really kills the fun out of the relationship. Because where is the trust, trust isn’t built because you need to see, know, and watch a person all times of day its knowing that a person can do many things and have some state of control over themselves.

Do you not see people in relationship and suffering from depression and their partners says everything I try to do make them happy it never works? Have you ever thought that it isn’t your job to do that its theirs? You are only supposed to assist them, now this doesn’t give you access to emotionally isolate them but give them the space they need to become them. And this ain’t for you I need a break head ass niggas who like to sample a piece of p**** from time to time. Nigga you need to be single until you get out your hoe phase because don’t nobody got time to be wasting all they good years on should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve. And this goes for the person who stays as well because who told them they had to accept your love like that. They deserve more even if isn’t you.

That’s the funny thing about humanity and living in the U.S it has a way of giving so little while working so hard for just the bare the minimum. Jesus and I live here by the way, I crashed my spaceships years ago and I been on this planet saying this is what the humans rant and rave about. Yikes. Everything we do we are to work hard and aimlessly at our goals and yearn for a chance to live life. What in the reverse slavery is going here? The lack of teamwork and social kindness in this world is crazy to me because how can one live without love. And by love, I mean is to be accepted for who you are. This concept causes so many problems in the human experience because we are doing things that someone else has done and never made it to other side of accomplishment.

The feeling of adequacy, happiness, and being fulfilled because the ones that did, they are all dead and gone. And their teaching wouldn’t apply today because we are in updated time frame so, the old social constructs and paradigms won’t work well in this one. This is why cheating is at all time high because people are afraid to say I’m unhappy and I think I don’t love you anymore. Or I’m at a crossroad in my life and the path I need to walk is alone so the person I may become you may not like them just yet. It may change who you are, and you fear the response it has on the relationship. So, you decide to stay the same or unwillingly change because the fear of the unknown holds more power than what you already know.

Leaving you to allow hatred in the relationships, friends, family, silence, arguments, money, career, friends to occupy your space for change. Because often times we use these people as place fillers in our lives instead actually making them or being a part of our life. We give these people, places, and things our power by investing more of our energy into them hoping they can substitute the things we lack in our relationships. Not knowing they create vulnerabilities in the relationship because we don’t tell our partners everything because the truth hurts when you have been living a lie. TO BE CONTIUNED!



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