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LOVE- Frank Sinatra

Hello to the broken-hearted people of America. How is your night going? Seriously. Is the art of love plaguing you so bad that you’re becoming overly fixated on it? For those of you that are relationships it seems like everyone is ready to call it quits. I’m a firm believer in leaving when you’re ready too and not in distress. Because like the old saying don’t forget to say hello to the same people on your way up as you are coming down.

Because you don’t want to be that person that block someone in life because you were too afraid to let go. So, now you find yourself coming back and haven’t changed anything that you still manifest those same problems. Yes, sex going to be good, and recommitting will feel good because of the absence but what happen in your time of absence. Where you working on you or romanticizing everything outside of the relationship. Like are you truly ready to leave?

Because you guys always hear me say how I left my relationship and in my me time I found myself in the comfort of another man arms. The problem was the fact that I was so accustom to the love I had at home that anything outside of that was foreign to me. I liked the bliss it gave me the freshness but the routine of someone getting to know me plagued me. Because even though everything wasn’t sweet at home. That was my reality of my love and routine because I failed to try anything new at the time.

Now keep in mind I’m not in that relationship no longer thank god. Not because he’s a douche bag on 7 Sundays out of year. It was because I think we feel out of love. We had just grown accustom to the reality of who we were that we didn’t know who we was. He was unwilling to try, and I was unwillingly to believe in the art of love again with him. In the words of Betty Wright having a piece of man is better than having no man at all. And that was my reality. And in true reality the only reason relationships were praised so much back then because of struggle.

Life was hard due to social system and having someone who understands you through the good, the bad and the ugly was praised. But like many they didn’t marry for love, they married for money, a lifestyle, comfort, or thinking somehow it was going to change them into someone else. When it truly handicapped you and now you just recognized you set in your ways. And in that mind frame won’t work in this day and age because society is looking for love.

And if life isn’t showing us anything it’s showing us that love can come in many things such as a passion project, getting a new hobby, losing weight, moving out of state, friends, or anything of the nouns. So, love and fear can’t exist in the same place at the same time. Its either you take the risk or risk hurting someone in the process of your confusion. I know I’m a firm believer in stating your intentions upfront because even if you walk away a person know you gave them the closure that they needed.

Regardless of the narrative they may paint in there mind even when they are mad, they still know the truth deep down.

But as I was sitting outside, I said to myself and America don’t we all want to fall in love and to know that the person we are choosing will continue to choose us over and over again in this lifetime. And I know firsthand it ain’t as easy as it sounds. Because in order to get this we have to be vulnerable enough with ourselves. Because like many we waited until we got in love to be our true selves and that may’ve or may not have scared some people off.

Because regardless if your too much or not enough it left the other person thinking well what am I? When it came to their morals, values, and in love? Do they not get a say in what is right or wrong or suggest the direction of the relationship? I mean honestly, I believe in the term happy house spouse but what’s his is yours! And not in a he owes me this or him being indebted to you but because you earned that s*** boss.

People have to stop acting like it ain’t no reward in love I mean real love no matter what kind of love you accept. Because when your soul feels feed and it shows by the way you love the person and the things around you. You are willing to go the extra mile on those tough days in the relationship.


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