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Love Is In The Air

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

July,24, 2020

Love is a topic that has been trending now and days, but it has preferably been in my downloads i.e. dreams. A lot of people are searching for soul loving, higher vibration, and acceptance type of love. The type of love that embraces you as a mother and protects like a father. But not necessarily from one person but a person who possess both of these traits and knows when to execute it.

I mean some would say that it comes from within, but some people have to be willing to be taught and embraced. On my last love letter, I said that if I get into another relationship it’s going to have to be somebody that’s willing to accept my flaws and all.

I don’t want to have to fight them to love me and I damn so don’t want to fight to make them vulnerable. I mean that’s what a lot of couples are going through at this moment. They are being placed in obstacle courses to see how they can get out of it together. It is exposing the behaviors they’re used to having that won’t work in this season of love. We are going to be in the 20’s for a long time so get ready for a ride because the number two is all about harmony, peace, conflict, balance, restoring, romance, companionship, teamwork, and diplomacy.

So, love topics will come up a lot especially when Venus ass is in Gemini, I think she came around about three times this year and we six months in. I told you guys that balance is off in life when it comes to life and death. I really feel like these years to come is going to be like the baby boomers. Because divine has to send out a couple special ones and actually teach some people love.

I mean honestly some women and men have been searching for love between someone legs for so long that they are leaving with kids and not the relationship with the person. I mean the struggle that comes with the parents balancing the relationship is teaching them how to love themselves because that child is apart of them. So, how they treat each other, and the child is a self-reflection of how they treat themselves.

I mean this year is tricky enough already with covid-19 and trying to maintain careers and doing that shit alone is going to become burdensome.

And I’m not talking about making money for some it is being to rigid in their day to day to plans and God is sending some folks some help. And the help might not be what your used too and it might not stay as long as you want it. I mean you going to be tricked with the ideas of wanting to possess it especially if you haven’t had love in a long time. Love is a form fitting priceless entity, it knows no bounds. So, it being limited and restricted to will only make that love turn into to hate.

This is why I say I’m cool if the bond take time to build, I’m cool if that shit moves as fast as lightening, but I’m not cool with me not being able to get under surface levels with people. I mean if I want solid foundations and loyalty I have to be as strong as my weakest link. So, I don’t have time to be dealing with you giving me just enough to getting me addicted to only recognize I’m never enough or satisfied. Chile, I have played those games and my true nature is a Scorpio so it’s like you’re going to show me the raw or I’m out.

I know that’s a lot of courage especially when people have worked so hard on building up forts to protect their hearts, interest, and their love because most people take advantage of other people weakness. I dare not, I have but when you recognize that shit ain’t going to get you no where you learn really quick that, that shit is a dead end. It leaves you in a passive aggressive mode so a person will never know were they stand with you.

They’ll be too busy fighting to prove to you that they are not the last person who hurt you only to walk away or stick it out tired and bruised because they love you.

I mean love does work that way sometimes, sometimes the person who is so accustomed to being the fighter or the dominant one wants to be appreciated too. If you are not cognitively aware of the person, you’re in a relationship with you’ll go through trials and tribulations to get the relationship back in to the place of love. For better or for worse right. Right

But on the good tip though I wrote all this to say if you see me dropping a lot of relationship things in these upcoming months pray for me. Because folks be crazy, and they really don’t be wanting to change and they be so accustomed to their dysfunction. And for the women on the other hand they think they can do no wrong so baby it’s going to be like pulling teeth.

So, if you see me with some war wounds on my body its because it’s going to be some women outside “LIKE GET OFF THE BUS ROSA” in my Madea voice. Because I posted something that triggered them and they lovers are like finally somebody said what I was thinking. You know women don’t like it when they men are agreeing with another woman not even his own mama. Dudes too they don’t like it when another man putting, they ole lady on game.

They be so protective I like it though and can one y'all remind me to get my damn transcripts so I can go to school. I’m ready in my SpongeBob voice and can we normalize going back to school after age of 25. Some of us be wanting to do bald head h** s*** while we are young.


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