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Love At A Young Age with Money, Fame. Sex

Love a At a Young Age With Money, Fame, and Sex

Before we get in this blog go check out the price of fame the link is below, so you can reference to that at times in this blog. I wrote it back in 2020 for those of y’all that’s new.

Well, hello love birds and the lonely hearts of America and across the globe! How y’all doing? How is your love life going? If it’s nonexistent then welcome to the club! Do you know the reason why? And don’t say you don’t have time for love because if a serial killer, drug dealer, and a psychopath can find time for love so can you. So, what’s your excuse?

We live in a day and age where the rich seems to never be satisfied while the broke and middle class isn’t neither. The rich squander for love while the poor feast on it and the rich judge the poor because they never seen the value of it. Only what they could obtain from it and seeing its physical result and not thinking about the emotional, mental, and spiritual results. That common niceties and appreciation of humans seems to be lost if it isn’t equated to a value of a dollar.

Chile, I tell you love has many meanings but over time even the closed minded will eventually change they mind. And that is something people fail to recognize in these times because it’s always what love can do for them but not what are they willing to do to accept the love that is given.

Girl I think I wrote about this before, but I checked the website for it, and I didn’t see it but my mind saying I did it. I know we had these conversations in the car but that’s probably why I’m taking my time to write this because I don’t like repeating myself. Any who let’s jump on it.

If you read the price of fame, then you know how damaging money and fame can be to those around you. Because this new era of getting money is to make a shit ton of money and have everybody codependent on you. I mean you barely get to even enjoy your success because everybody feels like they need some money. Y’all can gone slide something in a nigga zelle, cashapp, paypal, or venmo. Just let me know.

But let me get back on subject, that a lot of people fail to recognize that when it comes to their love life, they barely have time for it. I said a long time ago to stop buying things in the relationship that requires more maintenance than your actual relationship. Because when you mad that someone didn’t show up or is attentive to your needs in the relationship just know it was put in the oil change for the car you just got. The cleaners for the home, the chefs that cook, the sitters that watch the kids, and the assistant that spends more time with your person than you do.

You would say why they hell is that costing me my relationship? Well, everything I named cost money and in order to have it you have to use time to go get it. I don’t know your budget but some of y’all kind of that greed thing going on and it blocks a lot of y’all from actually being happy. I mean we have working class sitting online comparing themselves to the rich and trying to afford they lifestyle. While the rich looking at us be free, have our moments, not being obligated by nothing, and bouncing to the beat of our own drum.

It’s funny how we look at people and never understand their walk of life. Now I get it some people like clout more than they actually like love so seeing them on your social media all the time going through their problems is annoying. And after a while we all can say we have developed a mind frame of if she/he ain’t happy how the hell I’m going to be happy. By you getting your ass off of social media. I mean a lot of stuff we wouldn’t know if some celebs had a publicist.

Because let me tell you something it’s a difference being a damn fool for a nigga behind close doors than it is in the eyes of many. Cause humans have this thing where they suppress the things, they do so what you don’t know, won’t hurt them. This is why those judging eyes and pointy finger hurt so bad and when you are living the high life not drugs, but money and fame. It’s like you guys are walking targets and a lot of y’all fall to recognize this.

The attention that the ego finally gets by being validated for who you knew you were too become is quite fascinating isn’t it but what happiness when everybody isn’t so happy for you. See people fail to recognize that no matter the talents you bare, you still come from a place that molded who you are as a person. And like many thrusted into the lifestyle changes you barely had time to appreciate how far you’ve came as a person outside of the material harvest you garner.

I mean every rich person I know don’t know shit about themselves and I don’t mean that to be offensive. They can tell me all the places to travel, the finest food to eat, the people they’ve met, the loves they’ve lost, the hardships they’ve had, but never how it changed them for better or worse. It’s quite fascinating because they speak of love and view it as if it wasn’t presented to them in physical sense because that’s all they’ve chased.

So, the next time you find yourself crying on your bathroom floor and wondering why people don’t understand you ask yourself have you allowed yourself to be around people who allow you to grow. Yes, life is tough, but we have to remember that we have some control over our decisions. Take a break, go on vacation, go book that therapist, make a family tree, read a book, go wine tasting, and create memories with the ones you love. And when you finally get love don’t squeeze it too tight because we ain’t trying to scare it away. Because gets what a bitch like me will run like I’m a horse down at the racetrack. Remember it’s not people job to tell you who you are as a person that’s yours. Stop giving your power away because you don’t know how to separate yourself from the artist and the artistry.


Cause one thing fat mama gone do is eat and mind her business.

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