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Looking for Support

Majority of the times when people go looking for help, they’re generally looking for support. The issues they have present in their life have been for a long period of time. It’s just finding the courage to get help and someone saying I will you see you through this just makes things way better. In some cases, some people have become to reliant on people that it’s all about your faith with the Most High that is being challenged. Depending on what you have been petitioning for or praying for your answers come in in various forms. It could be a conversation that has sparked out of no where that brings a sense awareness and support to push you on your path.

That could aid you on your journey, I mean what the rush and what’s the hold up. Fear can be a tricky thing when it has power over your mind and dictates your actions. What is the reason that is holding you back from seeking some sort of counsel? Is it the past because some people have let you down or you thought that your healing was expunged by another humans validation? I mean I understand but letting your pain consume you to the point where it damages the relationship you have with life, friends, family, and partners is a deal breaker. Because no matter how we justify the messed-up things that happen with those people we valued the most we truly needed them at one point.

So, the next time you find yourself frustrated and unable to express yourself ask yourself are you being honest with yourself. Are you hiding the real you because you feel you want to be accepted and even if you are rejected was those people really for you? I’m not trying to enable you, but I want you to get honest about your part in your story that is being created in the moment. If you don’t like something work to change it and know that patience is a virtue. Rome wasn’t built in a night. If you work hard at something it will bare you hard results.

This is why people grow tiresome of trying to understand themselves because they go into overdrive trying to perfect things when perfection isn’t real for humans. You can correct yourself and adjust to a new way of thinking and doing. But being perfect no man/woman has an accomplished. We’re humans designed to fail, to create, coexist, learn, study, procreate, and regroup. Life has its ups, and downs and this season is all about how you deal with the ups and downs. And understanding things, meaning go and study yourself.

“The goal is to work when you don’t want to not when you tired. -Marshae Lane”


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