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Locked in With Your Kids

For any person with a healthy sex life during this quarantine you have no problem with getting it on but, what about those parents with kids from the ages of 3-10. Now I am no electronic phobe but, doesn’t it seem like kids and people who stay in the house with you have the worst timing when it comes to sex. It's like when you're not thinking about it or trying to get it they don't bother you but, soon as the time for self-pleasure or as a couple that's when everybody has an issue that needs to be voiced. I think one thing this has taught us is that boundaries with your kids and other people are needed. It is like anytime you are calling your kids when they're so mind blown by their electronic devices, they can't hear you. But, soon as your trying to go off and have a little session that is when they pop up or in. Like you just opened a bag of chips and asked did, they want some. I mean honestly could it be any less weird already.

I always say parents should show forms of intimacy in front of the kids and not talking about sex. Like kissing, hugs, love taps, and exchanging of words in an adult language. When children are comfortable with the parents or their parents receiving love, it shows them that you care for their mom or dad or mommy and daddy as whole. Depending on the child they will get tired of seeing this or recognize this is my parents time and instantly leave. When the love in the household is balanced properly children have no need to steal the show all the time. When children are prone to fights and arguments or always chose before the spouse, they can play on this. The old saying watch what you say when you get mad is real. Children are always around, and emotional management is real so, those conversations you are having about your partner on the phone or shouting out loud they can pick up on this.

Children are boundary enforcers when they do not want to do something they will not. It is adults teaching, reasoning, or bribing them that violate their boundaries. It's up to us as parents to show our children all aspects of life not just right and wrong but love and happiness also. Look at it these kids these days have the same issue as you when you were a child. Just because they have not been here before does not mean the world has changed. Think about you call a friend or loved one and speak about how a partner treats you and because your loved one values you more than the person you love they frequently disrespects them. So, now when they come over, they feel they can always intervene in places they shouldn't. Say things and do things that are hurtful and damaging to you and your partner. Kids can do the same as well, those kids who grow up doing that turn into nagging parents and boundary violators. Just look at your kids and look at your parents.

The old saying the fruit don't fall to far from the tree is real. If it is your house, then your free to do as such. But, did you lock the door though and is it easy to pick the lock. Remember when your usually being loud and trying to be sneaky that is when you draw more attention to you. So, get a lock or a favorite place or some boundaries. Remember boundaries are to respect your needs and others not to punish someone for something.

P.S I curse kids out!! :-) lol! I'm just playing but am I though?

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