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Listen Up (Card For The Day)

7 of Pentacles:

In order to enjoy to the rewards of your hard labor you have to stop and actually take into to account what you have done. Constantly being on the move and not knowing when to stop or rest is a fools journey. Leaving you to be always in the now and not appreciating what you have. You'll miss so many steps by trying to over calculate everything. Slow down and be honest about where you are. How you got there and when you plan on leaving?

It's okay to check on it and follow up but overdoing it can be exhausting. If you know you have done all you can then sometimes it's accepting that for what it is. Because if there is more to do and something feels incomplete go ask your boss or help from another. If you are being blocked and divinely told no, then it maybe time to go rest.

For others we got some checks coming in and when I say we I'm talking you me and with money. You know it's Friday and I know it's a nigga on the timeline that just got paid. Let the spirit move you to get a haircut. Amen. Let me focus. I don't know who need to hear this but check your itinerary because it's something that's supposed to be done and one of y'all ain't doing it.

I don't know if you have to many stressors, fear, complacency, lack of funds, or you just don't have the interest in it. Be honest and move accordingly because y'all missing something and every time somebody keep bringing it up you keep saying you forgot when you really don't give a damn. The winter time is for relaxing and shedding of old ways if you have too many burdens then guess what somebody, someone, or something has to go.


Disclaimer: I do not own rights to this picture. This image is from Taric Classicano Tarot Journal from Amazon.


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