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Lightening Your Load (The Purge)

It’s been four day since I’ve supposed to pushed out this blog and today I said what the hey. On a serious note if you was with us when we started the purge then shout out to you for continuing the mission. Meaning, coming up with tangible ways to release yourself from unwanted emotions and social pressure.

Its a been a year since I first came to you guys with my unique ways of handling particular situations. The goal for me in life is to work smart not hard. I have always said I am most laziest smart person you could ever meet. Just know I'm going to find a way to make me comfortable as I sit outside with my foot in a bucket of water because it's hot as hell outside. Which I'm trying to figure out why its so hot? Like does God a problem with us or some?

Any who, this isn't what this 'blog is about though. When this message came to me I was thinking about walking away from every obligation in my life that doesn't pay me. Yes, I said it but then I thought to myself would you want to get paid to deal with the shit you deal with and I said nawl. So, I had to sit on this blog for a minute because I don't write when I'm emotional flustered because I'll have to be accountable for bias messages and that's something I don't have time for.

It's like every since I lost my job, well it really feels like a LOA that has been given to me a lot of people have been coming up with ways to occupy my time. I'm like uh huh where we do that at? Knowing damn well I'm going to say no and the situation isn't going to benefit me. Don't get me wrong working was annoying ass hell to me, but not having to deal with people who we're manipulative all the time was a blessing to me. Because I didn't have to talk to them and they didn't have talk to me.

I met some cool people but I didn't take there energy home with me. You know how you have those drug movies where the drug dealer is planning to get out the game and take they money he has and invest it into something more meaningful. While at the same time he has those same people around him that doesn't wan't change, but he's so plagued with guilt that he wants some different. So, subconsciously he puts out a reason for him to leave and the universe keep showing him. Yeah, that's where I'm at in my life.

It's like Divine is trying to push through the damn crowd like nigga that's my job get back. Because I have people who act like they know whats best for me when they don't even listen to themselves. And the ones that do are too busy being flustered by the stupid stuff that is going in my life. Making me feel like and unattended child at an amusement park. And you know damn well that child is going to cry or walk off to find their parent.

And I'm at this moment in my life where I'm ready to just go off and do me with or without the naysayers because lightening my load requires me to cut cords with people energetic words. The ones that try to pierce me the way others do to them. This whole merry go round of shit the collective has been dealing with as well as me has been an energetic damper because if you are the light and I'm darkness how well you ever maintain your light. Is the question I ask myself as retrograde goes around pulling back the veil on people's intentions, relationships, business, and affairs.

There is only so much a person can take and that corralling energy to fit in because of the fear of standing out is quite sick to me. Because with acceptance of anything you'll know when its time to let go of the things that do not serve you. I don't know if my major annoyances are coming from people who do the same thing and play hypocrite when it happens to them or the ole tale the boy who cried wolf.

I believe in healing and doing the work but there comes a time in life where you have to stop and smell the roses. And by that I mean having a little fun but if your fun comes at the expense of others, situations where you aren't in control of your body including your mind, or drama. Then baby we might be kicking you off the bus because at this point in life in this ascension journey staying stuck on the past is only going to drag you down.

The way these planets been rolling around highlighting things. I think even God and Goddess are sick of us as a whole because it's like we are wasting energy on things and then turning to rituals and using magic to rectify things. You don't think it's funny how the need to work with humans has been highlighted even the ones you don't like. And when I say work with I'm talking about for good for those of us that are on this ascension journey.

But I digress. I wish you peace, love, happiness, and simplicity until next time.


Artist Twitter : @ heir_porter

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