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Life as A Woman

Well I’ve been bored out of mind suffering from a block and not a creative one at that. People have been getting on my last damn nerve and I honestly don’t know what to label the blog. It’s like where do I start, where do I go, and how the hell you say that. Well let’s just say half of the problems that people who are going through are messy. I’m not trying to be an asshole but how do you help someone who is so arrogant that they are they own demise.

Child, maybe I’m being petty, maybe I’m being spiteful, or just crude. Because a part of me don’t even want to help if I’m being honest. It’s not like they seek me out because I’m great at my job its only after they have failed and now I’m great at my job. I say all the time I may not be shit but I’m damn good card slinger amongst other things. When I vowed to take on my journey of writing and creative ventures I said none of that bulls**** will prosper over here. Right, but it seem like its trying though.

So, instead of writing my stupid ass been sitting over here looking like I need to write they miss me. But what content ima give them??

Whew, child I think I’m just tired of being the bigger person with certain people because they view me as some love and light individual. An if you know anything about the love and light community they be fake positive or always going through things because they never stand up for themselves or even the things they care about.

You see their morals, boundaries, ethics, and responsibilities get pushed to the back because they feel being self sacrificing all the time will pay off in the long run. Well, not my fat ass because I been watching people like a hawk in the sky or an owl in a tree. Not on some nosey shit but how they been treating these so call light workers and healers. They’ll give them the excuses or the constant complaints while everything toxic or alleged bad in there life takes up there time.

Like the gossip they consume in, toxic relationships, meaningless sex, the unwarranted betrayals , and the emotionally rude. SIGHS…. Child, I’ll admit I can be a spiteful b**** sometimes. But I’m also cognizant enough to know when I’m messing up my own ish, I’ll try to see how we can wing this into to some agreeable content for my preferred audience.

This is what I mean when I say I’m staring into space.


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