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Libra Season Energy Reading


Now that we are out of Virgo season come on, Scorpio season bitch I feel like I can breathe again. I don't know if it was the transit that we were in or baby I just wasn’t feeling Virgo season. You know the whole getting your life together but don't get me wrong it was the wake up call I needed but at the same time it was like damn I needed a break. Because sweetie the way life has been lifing I haven’t been a part of it at all.

Now let's get into this message this season is giving sexual healing and not in the form of having sex. For some that may be the case but this isn’t for everybody. This could show up as an energy of being more softer, meeker, milder, or even pose because someone hasn’t been in touch with their own needs. How they take care of themselves all the way down to self care. This could result in someone changing their appearance, their hair, finding their look, deciding to got to therapy, or just downright not give a fuck anymore. Now I’m not talking about the; I don't care about myself and lose myself in society beliefs but having the serenity to accept the things I can not change. Because it has been a long time coming for someone. This could lead into an initiation for some coming into elder hood, woman hood, or someone stepping into grown man status.

This doesn't have to be someone hanging around the campfire by a body of water, no this could be someone finally becoming the adult they need to be for them. Dropping the burdens of others and wanting to be free. Like the meme of someone running through the flowers. Because this year has been a challenge for all of us when it comes to accepting that some people aren’t going to change the way you want them too. And this has led some people down some dark paths with false hope that leads to a darkness that no man wants to feel or feed off of. That it has triggered some form of healing into half of the collective without a false sense of urgency saying I need to get myself together.

Ima keep it a bean it seems as if the world had fallen under one form of social identity that had left some people lost. Subscribing to terms and think pieces that it has people suffering some form of identity crisis. It was as if people never had the chance to let their shield down and say whew, I’m home so I can finally relax. So, a lot of the masses acted as if they were under some form of spellwork that it made people crave themselves more. The bigger the strong hold was on some people it made them say there has to be a better way to live than this. So, the people coming out of this transit are now deciding to not get back to their new norm. And their new norm may ruffle a couple of feathers because some of y’all fina be in some relationships, purchasing some houses, starting new businesses, and finally telling some family members where they can shove their opinions. If we are being honest.

So, get ready to be talked about, lied on, outcasted, pulled in only to be embraced as the bad guy, and deal with someone trying to heavily influence the way they feel so they can feel better about themselves. I know it may seem like a cycle within itself but it's not. Because some of y’all just don't care no more so you don't have the energy to give in to be manipulated anymore. TADA “ you figured it out”! So, this is how the reverse psychology isn’t going to work anymore. So, the playing it cool until they come undone is the only game some people in your life can play at this time. And if they are selfish enough they won’t play this game too long. Because they’ll grow bored with this and leave you alone. For some it won’t be without a fight whether this is psychically, mentally, emotionally, hell even spiritually. Because some people are operating in that entitlement energy so they feel like your switch up is personal. So, that's on you if you want to allow them to dictate your healing journey.

Now for the rest of the month some of y’all are going to feel like you are being lab researched on because somebody has been going to the doctor to see what is the problem for some sickness that may have been transmitted through intercourse or a curse. Yes, I said a curse. Someone has been strategically been trying to make you sick whether that was feeding you poisonous food, I’m hearing gas as well and I don’t know how this plays out, or spiritually siphoning your energy through sex. And one of you may have lost weight rapidly only to gain it back when you left them. You know that spongebob movie with that old thing in the wheelchair that's how one of you was looking after sex on a etheric level.

This may have resulted in some form of dehydration that led to many bladder infections, loss of appetite, miscarriages, a baby being born before the due date, and unnecessary cravings. Also a misdiagnosis from doctors because they kept trying to figure out what the problem was. And for some it was something you were eating or you kept sleeping with the same person that was making you sick. And for some the term you were calling this person a succubus when they were an incubus. That was like a parasitic host that was draining your life force. Now for my loyal readers you gone think this is farfetch go to your element child! You are a grown folks business. Before we skip on off this message you may have even seen a change in this person's personality when you even stopped sleeping with this person. I mean horrific obsessive, possessive, and compulsive behavior. And that shit spreads onto other people. Glad to see some of y’all out of that. Because ima call Barry off the flash to come get that.

I don’t know who needs to hear this BUT someone is carrying the energy of their family tree in their womb. So, be mindful of who you sleep with at this time because you may not know that you are fertile like you are. This has resulted in joint, hip, and leg pain because someone has been carrying the curses of their mothers and fathers for too long. And someone needs to seek outside help who is skilled in an area that can help break that stronghold on you. Because it could be past life debt, an ancestor has passed this onto you because they feel you are the chosen one, or someone has bewitched someone in a past life and it passed onto you. Like the charmed episode with the dude who struggled in love because someone's ancestors weren't so nice on this earthly plane. When someone gets this removed you will probably experience bouts of crying, heavy waves of emotions, and an unknown empathy you have ever felt in your life.

Because this has resulted in someone who has had problems with their creative ideas, blocks in finances, failed loved life, and even to feel barren. So, shoutout to you for finally choosing you for once. IF YOU SEE SOMEONE IN THE COMMENTS PROMOTING A HEX OR CURSE REMOVAL I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THEM. YOU BET NOT HIT THAT DAMN NUMBER UP! IT'S ONLY ABOUT 4 PEOPLE THIS MESSAGE GONE APPLY TO ANYWAY.

Weekly Zodiac Readings:

The element of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). The element of earth is (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo). The element of fire is (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The element of water is (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Remember all messages may or may not apply switch and feel free to watch any message that you feel relates to you.

WATER: Somebody has to learn to work on control issues. Everything is going to be alright when you learn it isn’t alright. Sometimes you have to let it break so you can learn to replace it, fix it properly, or leave something alone for good. Because someone may be in the energy of sabotaging things just so you can fix it and this person may have been a bully in your life. Damn near an antagonist for a long time. And some of you are finally catching on and leaving this thing to dry because this has been a process for you. You keep trying to make some man or woman act right that doesn't want to be kept. It’s the epitome of not recognizing that someone doesn't want your help. You can’t help everybody not because you can't, it's because they don't want your damn help. And it is perfectly fine to feel some type of way about this but you're going to have to accept this or allow this person to keep running your raggedy. Either put you first, put your foot down, or walk away.

EARTH: Spirit said stop delaying your happiness because someone else isn't going to be happy. Is the fun police out or what? Because there are certain plays that are supposed to be set in motion and someone keeps stalling them out. Don’t get mad when someone overrides your decision making because they feel as if you are moving too slow to get something done. It is the epitome of someone sending off that creative idea for you and you are wondering why someone is talking to you. Or you just receive a check or a letter in the mail. You were taking to long with the could've, should’ve, and would’ve so someone gave you a jolt to get started on it. This could result in certain friends and people coming off as bossy because some of your friends are douches. And one of your friends hates your ex down to the core; they feel like one of them is a piece of shit. And they have no problem admitting it under the influence or sober. So, good luck with that.

FIRE: Anger management and semen retention may be something that is on the menu for you. Whether you like it or not because this toxic explosive sex you like to have isn’t changing anything in your life. Someone is still a bit of a douche when it comes to how they handle other people's feelings. Just because you don't give AF it doesn’t someone else doesn't. And this may result into some fall outs. I mean real hard ones because lately you have been real harsh with them truths lately. I mean like you get the truth, you get the truth, and fuck you too. It’s like is the goal for you to be alone then say that. Because there is a better way to say I am having a sensory overload right now and I need a moment to regroup. Don’t get mad at me but some of y’all it’s kinda like you played a role in this for being open and available all of the time. Did you not read the whole message or you sped past to this. If, so let me know how you want this month to go because with that air element coming behind it your anger can get the best of you and create some wildfires.

AIR: The spirit of religion and politics may be getting it popping in your life. And I have to say that you can have that battle all by yourself especially if you aren't trying to bring in community. Because someone may not feel the way you do about certain issues and that is okay but when it comes with a militant mind and self limiting beliefs get ready for people to attack you. Because it is okay to embrace the culture you live in but when you are not accepting of others this is where the discourse, proper training manual comes in, and the meetings with HR are held. And some of this may play out in a job setting while for others this is going to happen in your real life. Because someone has strong beliefs on marriage, relationships, upper class, and spirituality that could literally get someone hit in the mouth. Not literally but someone is a bit mouthy when they feel like people are attacking them. When they just want you to accept their side of the story. So, to limit conflict this month and so forth just allow people to speak even if you feel it is nonsense. Remember you don't have to sign up for every TED TALK.


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