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Libra Season Energy Reading

Libra Energy Season Reading

This is the season to get your affairs in order, learning what to do and what not to do will be a top priority. If by any chance that in Virgo season that you didn’t do any release work let’s just say Libra season maybe a little challenging for you at best especially in your emotional affairs. This is the only season outside of Aries season that actual feels like its in its actual sun sign. Many things came up that I will mention in this piece. For those of you that watch the tarot reading then you already got the message, this is just a more in-depth explanation of the tarot reading and channeled messages. Now gets into this so we can put some things in retrospect.


You remember when the sun was in it’s sister sign Aries and the message came up dot I’s, cross your T’s, and hook your P’s. For those you that are unfamiliar with that saying it’s just means we’re checking a list, checking it twice, and we’re going to find out whose naught or nice. Literally, with all these retrogrades booming up and down the group chat. It’s funny how retrogrades always makes us feel like we miss something until we final get our hands on it and see why we had to be through with it in the first place. For of some of if you had those great ideas that came up in Leo season while transitioning into Virgo season had you trying to figure out everything with a fine teeth comb.

For many it may have left them a little nervous about the things they wanted and crippled them because they felt they couldn’t have everything it is that they needed. When it may just take sometimes to get what it is that you are looking for. I say all the time that this is the year of the resources so its isn’t what you know its who you know that can help you navigate certain ideas. Now I’m no astrologist but to me this year for as working with so many humans I said it was battle between the seventh house and sixth house that was attacking our human experience. Because we perceive something to be one way when in reality it can be the complete opposite.

Just because I said contracts and negotiations that doesn’t mean that marriages wouldn’t be affected by this area as well. As especially for those who are marrying at this time and trying to get prenuptial agreements in order, arrangements for vendors, and expectations of what you feel a partner or lover should be. With Venus being Scorpio sex will only sustain a relationship so far until you realize you’ve added nothing to the relationship itself. This isn’t the time to fear being open and honest about your needs, this is the time to be ever more open about what it is that you want and doing things in a healthy manner to get it.

This is time to get up and get going but taking precautionary methods with you.


Now this topic is tricky within itself because it also touches on your moral, values, beliefs, and what you are willing to put up with. Now with the year we all have had in the U.S. or globally being affected by COVID has us in a chokehold. The trauma we’ve experience and fighting to get our sanity or routine back has been a challenge and that challenge has been more with the world than with ourselves. Seventh house is how we feel we should be treated and as well as others. Its exposes you to your personal biases that can make or break certain relationships in your life.

It can be tricky when dealing seventh house energy because we can have better experiences with certain people, place, things, or objects in life that it can contradict who and what we are as a person. Libra is the house of balance, order, and structure. So, for some that maybe a little hard if you are a fly by night person, hit with the me, me, me syndrome, and always moving out of the overly righteous actions. The testing serious was for seasons back not this season now for some they will still play with fire and wonder why they’ll get burned.

This isn’t the season to be out here expecting more than what you can give. Now take this with a grain of salt because everybody human experience is different, and favor falls upon them different. Don’t be out here side eyeing somebody else’s blessing, playing rain man on someone else parade, and trying to a be a blessing blocker because you don’t know what someone went through to get it. Now is the time to honor that jealousy or hatred because that is a form of an emotion that should be honored. So, that you can learn from it.


This was more highlighted to same sex relationships more than anything. The messages weren’t that specific which it could be for as interpersonal relationships for as dating. It was more highlighted in the state of friendships the people who you share the most with. These last couple of months we have lost a lot of friends and not even to death. It’s just recognizing how we spend majority of our time, who with spend it with, and who really has our best interest at hand. If you have been playing around with your dating life just expect you to be out trying to move through what doesn’t work for you. So, that you can find the one that is for you.



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