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Libra Monthly Tarot Reading


Jesus be a fence around me at this time because I feel like this fina be about three pages and I needed to charge up after the other ones. I damn near said fuck it and started to just do videos on the rest of them. But my mama ain’t make no hoe, but if you ask the right person who might be a hater he will say otherwise. I just wanted to add in a special announcement I DON’T LIKE MY BABY DADDY! Now that we got that out of way how y’all doing? Because spirit said you ain’t doing nothing. Side eyes you until somebody starts talking.

In the channeling space rest came up and I picked that up off of Lloyd Lay it Down. Now it could be an issue or you just getting some damn rest because your body needs it. It is time to put and end to a situation or chapter in your life that is holding up a lot of space at this time. First message was too many stressors, fighting to many battles, legal battles, working too hard to stay the same, keeping everything in, and nervous breakdown energy. Some of y’all need an herbal cleanse a holistic doctor or herbalist, but there is catch because some of y’all have pending health issues, so you need to check with your doctor. The biggest issue you need to look out for is making sure it aligns with what chakra is giving you the biggest problem. Like respiratory issues could be your heart chakra, colon cleanse, or colonoscopy baby that is the solar plexus. Some of you haven’t been getting rid of waste properly.

Whether it is the body, or this is things in your life that just basically stress you the hell out. Majority of these issues you are having are from your father side and some of y’all didn’t know or don’t care to check it out because it’s coming up at an early age. It’s better to get it out the way now and not wait until your later age when your body don’t shake back like it used too.

Some of you guys got this a long time ago where you were in competition with your father or trying so hard not to be him and that is hindering your growth. This can apply to women because you could be putting your dating life in the standards of your father. What is it that you want? Some of y’all need a vacation because all that ripping and running you do don’t do nothing but slow you down. Somebody is trying to be the man here and I don’t know if that is good thing. It’s this energy of I got it, o I’m fine, or okay I’ll do that. Say, HELL NAH! SAY IT WITH ME HELL NAWL! Keeping things to close to you only take away from the life it needs to breed. This could be your clothes, hair, jewelry, or people.

There is a possessive energy here and Cancers had that and let me tell you if Cancers was acting like that I would’ve run. If they had to put up with that, I would’ve had to create an escape plan because ain’t no way. “BOY AIN’T NO WAY”! You can’t receive the help you need if you keep looking back on the past as a rule book for your future. Throw that shit OUT NOW! You can’t change the past because you only keep getting back what you put out. True strength is knowing when and when not to be vulnerable. – PYA

This could be a relationship because some of y’all in this heartbroken energy it could be due to losing a loved one. Or undergoing heavy changes and it feels very uncomfortable for some of you guys. On the other hand, it could have been a near death experience that has it grip on you. Some of you guys try to find safe spaces into the arms of men and it seems to fail you so you focus on being the safe space for others. Go check out your sister signs they had the same thing similar to this. Well not actually it was not allowing people to notice things about them, so they go off doing what people expect of people. How robotic is this shit? That’s seems to be a very unhappy experience. Not to sound like the rainman, but some of y’all can handle these truths you just not used to someone saying it to you about you.

These changes that you are undergoing whether it is connected to your overall is health is going to bring about massive changes. To be authentically you, to allow people to love you, and to love people the way they want to be loved. You probably will be switching up your clothes to fit your mood and some people may be thrown off by that. So be prepared for the why you got that on, only the real people who knows you will know something is off or on. This is needed for you. Some of you are learning the true meaning of beauty whether you seek this out in the real world or other people. Stop comparing yourself to people I don’t care how small it is. Your life is your life. Once you tackle those issues with your parental figures in your life, you’ll see how quickly you have been living for them.

For my experienced crew get a reiki attunement, get some crystals preferably a rhombus shaped one, citrine, and a wand to use to direct that energy somewhere else. You are an Air Sign use you mind, all you have to do is focus. Just don’t focus on the negative and be realistic about what it is that you want and need in your life. Oh, and one of your chakra that could be the weakest is vacuum for other peoples energy.


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