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Libra Monthly Reading

Sorry for the wait but while you waited it seems as if we had a lot of content from the car emotional expression, clarity, highlights of the past, and realizing some things were going to change and o am okay with that. But with that being said let's get into this monthly message!


Someone needs to do some financials budgeting because someone is spending money on unnecessary things. Now this could be and old fling that wants to reconcile some things and spirit is saying to say sayonara because this past is coming to an end. Someone needs to hire security or start protecting the things they love more. Now this may show up as complimenting people from authentic place as well as yourself. Someone treats themselves to harashly and it shows up in the connections they have with others.

What are you a Virgo or something because child that is pure Virgo placements? If this is a chapter is time to close it for good and it keeps reverting back to money. You may have an idea that you need to invest in and it's time to go big or go home. Low balling yourself and scamming isn't working for you especially if you have been feeling like you have any finincial blocks. It gives me Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde the first time answer a question. In that moment you seen she doubted her response be the answer to the question but willing to shoot for it. She ended up breaking herself out of that cycle.

And that is some of y'all with your finances and overall career. Consistency is going to pay off you just have to stay focus in order to receive the reward. Some of y'all have to stop playing so much if you want to see any type of change in your life. Now this could be you or someone close to because you have someone that codependent on you. It could be a latch key kid but it is time to cut that cord. Especially if you want yo see some type of child in that relationship with and another person.

Now some of yalll ain't gone like this message because your past is coming back to show you where you messed up. Now this isn't no extra, extra read all about it but to see what is limiting you from spiritual freedom and soul fulfillment. This has been a major chasm between you and your spiritual fulfillment. Just because the past comes back around it doesn't mean you have to take the bait. Everything isn't want to stay in your life for a long period of time. If you have a toxic habit or person that reappears all of the time you may realizing how you keep going backwards instead of forward.

If this is working on a past relationship or relationships a boundary has to be set so someone can know how to far to go with you because if you don't things go bad really quick. Could be a situation where someone almost loses their life or a secrets is exposed in a nasty way. Ima keep it bean I wouldn't even take the risk because whoever this is they don't play fair when it comes to losing in arguments. Now for those who are fire driven this maybe up to your speed. Because the conflict may keep you on your toes you know those people who like to spar all of the time. Those siblings who like to wrestle all of the time then go for it. But someone is going through and emotional turbulent time and this person may take your actions to be spiteful. When you are literally doing what you always do.

Sorry to say there is some self reflection that is needed because if you were trying to cheer this person up and they hit your feelings. Did you ever value your feelings or theirs from the beginning? Because running away in shame isn't going to work for you. For others it's time to go on and head down to the corporate office because some has been abusing your kinfolks in the old folks home. You may have put them in there while you went on a vacation or a trip and they came back with more bruising then what they went in with. Seems like embodying the energy and the element of Scorpio will work best for you. So you can learn to realize things whether you have to burn it away, finally h sit by the bonfire like you did as kids, go camping. And get over you for a minute. Life happens but it's how you decide to fight back.


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