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Libra Monthly Reading


KEYWORD: Mary Popping's, Winnie The Pooh, Christopher Robins, Eeyore, Sagittarius, Love Letter, mistrust, misguided, false accolades, reporter, anchor man, jambayala.

Girl, y’all ass had me over here confused because I kept getting the scene with Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robins was walking and singing. It gave me that someone was tapping into their inner child and connecting back with life. Now I don’t know if this is your child or you are doing some inner child work because it has been a dreary time around here. Now I went to go look up the movie plot and it has been you who has been sad because your friend is moving and finally getting the things they need out life. Now, hold your horses, it doesn’t seem malicious, it is more like a great heap of sadness that is overwhelming to someone because their friend is going to leave them behind. For others this could be someone that has lost someone they love and this person is going off to find themselves and the fact that they are hurt it hurts you too. Because you know it’s nothing you can do but support the decisions they decide to make.

It doesn’t seem like someone is making a wrong decision for themselves but it’s like a child leaving the nest. And the parents are so emotional because they are finally seeing someone grow into the individual they need to be for them. It's gives me the energy of they are going to miss their favorite blanket, head ass. It's the mom off of Chicago Aunt when the son goes to live with the aunt and the mama is driving distance away from them. Child, if this is you. Somebody needs to record this because I promise that will be funny to me. For others a long-lost friend maybe coming back into your life if they stay out of the country, been in the war, or has dropped off the face of the earth. This is going to be shocking because whoever this is haven’t seen this person in so long and they are filled with so much enjoyment when they see them.

For others it was some drama that had separated two people from being cool and they finally dropped the hatchet and decided to move forward. Because karma played itself out, it was two people who didn’t want to let it go and divine said otherwise. On the flipside it got dark before it was good because both of you guys when low as hell with each other. But we stand being grown in the group chat. For others this is somebody child finally coming home after being in an abusive relationship for so long. This is someone who disconnected from family, friends, and everything around them because of the person they decided to be in a relationship with. At first it was romance and then it turned into a fatal attraction. Someone almost lost their life by being with this person or themselves in the process.

Now it’s time to get honest because you have some questions to answer whether that be out loud or in private. Because it’s time to figure out if someone is for you or against you. Because someone could be doing energy work on you to receive a come up and for those who are spiritually inclined you guides have been nudging you about this. Now flip the roles if you have a Libra doing this to you. Because what goes around come around in this situation and it looks like what someone put out is definitely coming back.

If someone has been in and out of your life, they are going through the same thing. If they have been throwing dirt on your name it’s happening to them. Everything someone put in their relationship with you is coming around full circle. The reading we did 2 days ago stated that some of you guys were opting out of the twin flame journey because someone's partner is shitty. And it may even be a fake flame in here too. This may even be a spiritual group someone is a part of, and they definitely helped someone clear out some past live karma and even in this lifetime too. It taught you to choose you for once and stop being all over the place. It taught someone to stop posting everything on social media like your whereabouts, when you are going out of town, and who you are going with. Because you had a stalker on your hands.

And they even had to let some of their friends go because your friends were in on this too and they didn’t tell you. It’s like you were the only one who didn’t know what was going on because you were the one being used. It's like someone is starting to recognize the common thing that has been a problem in their life, and it has to do with their love choices. Lust is a hell of a drug. I’m not saying you don’t have to be a libra but being attractive to nice shiny things all of the time without noticing the red flags was bound to catch you up. I don’t know if someone has a lot of money, works with investors, or is an investor. But you have to really start asking are you sleeping with me because you want somebody to start up business with you. And if the answer is yes, what you gone do about it? That’s a question you have to figure out not me. Okay this is getting long and I'm ready to go. HAVE A GOODNIGHT!



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