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Libra Energy Season

This isn't the tarot reading for zodiac but if it relates it relates..


Get your shit together, as this season comes to an end it is showing you what it is that needs to be eclipsed out of your life and what needs to be changed. The massive shake up that the collective is going through may seem harsh but for some it is needed. Some people have been getting away with too many things whether that is crossing your boundaries, being evasive about your emotions, putting things off, waiting to the last minute, not being honest about things, and basically standing in your power. Some people find it hard to address certain things but the way spirit been showing up and showing out in these readings there is no way you can avoid the truth. The monthly reading, I did for Libra season had some people in a frenzy when are they not in one. As I ask sarcastically?

Side note do you know somebody wanted me to put a disclaimer in my readings like it's not in the bio because a bitch got a offended by something that I said. Child, I got up and said I wish the fuck I would. Some truths will be hard to swallow especially when you are living lie. The truth will always hurt when you are living a lie. - Marsha Brady. It isn’t the messenger's job to make you feel comfortable especially when it is a monthly reading for all zodiacs. I don’t make my readings to personally target people, to pander negativity, and fear monger to people. I want them to heal so they go on and be best version of themselves, if negativity can have a mass affect, then why can't I pass on positivity to other people from authentic place. I am not oblivious of the wrong doings in the world because I know without no good there has to be bad and with bad there is some good. Whether you think doing wrong to others is for your benefit that’s you.

Just don’t play victim because when you were in your dark worker energy you had no shame so when you decided to heal, address, and acknowledge what is it that is bothering you. I need you to have that same energy towards change and creating a better life for yourself. It's simple, making up your mind is the hardest part of healing, not the work, and majority of the emotions you have are tethered in another place anyway. It is deciding that whatever day you choose to heal, then you are going to go for it. Now let's get back into the reading.

Now for as my business people now is the time for an interior design pick up for those of you who stay in apartments you may have seen this already happening. For those of you in to real estate it is actually time to take your time flipping these properties stop worrying about the money it's going to come. If your genuine about it, it will work if it is for the money then it may be time to switch gears. We are in a day age where greed is running rampant in the group chat and those people who were focused on money is now almost in poverty. These people had a two-year run to come up with something tangible and they still want to hustle. It is now time to sit down and work on something that means near and dear to you.

Change your focus this maybe the time to redirect what it is that you are trying to receive out of something. If they goal is always money then you have no goal in mind because consistency is key. So, you have to stick to something long enough to reap some form of reward. Don’t let these grifters and money thieves tell you that. That itchy palm will run out eventually because we have too many people doing the same thing for the same outcome which is for money. (sighs)

Now for as your finances I said this maybe the time to pull back and get a budget in plan even you are a baller. It's time to really see if the money you have going out is really worth the hassle. I don’t care if you clearing 200k a day if you spending 50 k a day is really a necessity. Does who, where, and what you spend your money with bring you joy. Do you feel that your money is valued? You know how y’all do upcoming black entrepreneur's with all that criticizing this is the time to do yourself like this. Cost and efficiency will really be helpful to you and your overall needs. If you constantly have to replace and restore something, is it really worth the cost. It may be time to get something else but also know just because something cost a lot doesn’t mean it is good. Do your research what works for you may not work for someone else. Especially if you are into fashion, it is time to get things in bulk for as sewers, knitters, and hand maidens. Like colors and patterns, you use or the ones you know you can't go without the demand is here sweetie..

For as love that same old same shit ain’t gone work. If somebody keep arguing and complaining about what it is they ain’t getting and what they need and someone isn’t adjusting then someone may or may not be on the verge of a breakup. Relax patty it's not even all the way about money some lovers are seeking emotional intelligence from there partners. To have a simple conversation about their day at work you never know you may be helping them getting more comfortable with you before they decided to go to therapy. To be honest I don’t even think cheating hit like it used to because they still are going to have the same problems in new relationships; especially those who don’t believe in change. So, if your lover left you and moved on and went to someone else trust they probably going through the same thing they put you through.

And you're sitting at home watching twin flames readings and calling them a karmic when half way through the season you recognize this isn’t my little thang. You were contentment, a building block, or an impasse. I know it sucks but make sure y’all on the same page because I don’t want to hear about you going to couples therapy for a mommy or daddy issue when your partner only highlighted that you were triggering an issue that reminded them of that person. And now you want to call the relationship a quits after the other has finally accepted some form of healing that doesn’t emotionally identify your toxic. YIKES BE EASY NA!



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