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Libra Energy Reading

Somebody could be in the energy of a mind of maniac. Now I don't know if you are dating someone who is crazy ass hell and you need to run. Or someone who likes to play a lot of head games and baby they ain't fun. I see someone saying this is some insane or sick shit. Child, who the hell are yall in bed with because get up and leave now. Some of y'all could be in the energy of 4 of the cups sitting in regret just wishing and hoping and someone is playing on that.

Leaving someone to doubt every decision they are making so they can control the narrative. If you have been gaining it's blocking your solar plexus and this is making someone depressed. As soon someone starts working out you see this person becomes a distraction. Every time you look good, feel good, eat good, or drink good here come this Debbie downer ass bitch. Saying pick me, pick me I need some damn attention. In the most monsterous ways and very violative about it too. This maybe someone who is scared of this person or you just always choose to walk away because this person is a drama starter.

Some of you are feeling challenged because somebody could be trying to play someone like they are weak when they ain't and somebody maybe fina show you they are not. Whoever this is like to embarks on people territory like Goldilocks and complain about everything like nigga this is my house get out. This person may have occupied your energetic space or physical space for too long and I see someone just pushing this person out of your energy field for good. Because they are up to no good anyway.

This has been a spiritual battle you have been in for longest and some of you have thought this was the dark knight of the soul when it really was this person. Some of you have tried to have some conflict resolution with this individual and it has not been shown to you yet. If the laws has been involved this person would violate the restraining order or the ruling the judge makes. Some of you really don't or didn't have the support you need so you maybe trying to run into hiding because of this individual. Someone keeps bringing up the past, inability to let you change, and keeps calling to you stirv up drama.

It's like as soon as you move on here come the fun police with I know what you did last summer so you have to do this for me or I will tell on you. And for some this could be someone trying to bully or blackmail you into doing something you don't want to do. And for some of y'all you maybe in the energy of saying ima snitch on my damn self if I have to. Because you got somebody that is going overboard in a situation and it could be a ex lover. I hope you didn't procreate with them because child, y'all gone be arguing too much. I don't even know the general basis of this argument if we are being honest. It seems like money, jealousy, hidden competition, fame, and fortune.

Yeah one of those guys. My ancestors is telling me that you bet not let this person come back into your life. Because they gone show they whole ass on you when you let them. Because an argument gone start at the house and it's gone lead to a main event because somebody don't know how to stop meddling in shit that does not have to do with them. Some of y'all should leave this person all by themselves because this person always do it to you. Borrow money but they never give it back, steal from you and ever return it, and you lose out on a lot of things when they pop up.

All ima say is you ain't got it and you don't have it this month because somebody fina play themselves right on out your life if you let them.



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