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Libra Energy Reading



Someone could be in SpongeBob energy when he was talking about living in the sunrise or living in the sunshine when he was playing with bubbles. That song just goes off when it comes to you, spirit said you got an attachment or a cord and you should remove it. What sticks out to me is that when it comes to this episode if you don’t remember Mr. Bubbles was doing shit to offend people and didn’t even know it. But SpongeBob kept believing in him and he had the whole town coming up against him only for him to prove he was real and alive. Now I don’t know if you around here doing something for somebody but baby, they ain’t gone be able to pay you back. So, if you looking for some financial gain from a friend even if it's to repay a debt they not. I don’t care if it is a simple favor, I hear you can hang that up.

For others you may have to watch your spending habits around someone because baby they may burn through your money because after that episode, I was like I know Mr. Krabs cheap ass gone want his money back. And for some this person is sitting around waiting on your finances to hit so they can get the begging or trying to tax you for petty shit like I remember when I did this for you. And for others they may even go as far and try to give you bad advice on what to invest your money in. Run for the hills and say good riddance. This gives me a petty energy because this person may go so far as to accumulate a debt just so they can ask for some money to pay off something they have to live in, possibly drive, or own. They were leasing it the whole time and they gone have to come up a financial plan on paying that money back to you. So, basically if you are trying to get your money back you might be a new owner of a home.

Because that’s what somebody put your money down on whether it was a real estate investment or property. And this person knows what they doing to and somehow someway they gone try to repair you back in big installments. They may say they had other things to come up and the house needs maintenance baby they fina lie they ass off. So, this could be like 10,00 at once or 25,000 here and then they gone get iffy on the money. The money may start giving may become smaller and smaller so if you needed this to live off of, this they gone try to play you when it comes to the money. I'll rather take they ass to court and nip that in the bud because it's gone be sheer exhausting. Because whoever this is they like to keep up with Jones’s so the money they come into is about image when they can just pay the whole debt off.

Somebody live in they own world so, if they think they can get over they will. But if you’re the person where you are in good spirits and being all jovial and shit, I'll watch this because you got a motherfucker on the side plotting on how they get some money illegally or legally from someone. And you can’t say nothing so you just have let this person make a fool of themselves because for some you are the attorney or you have power of attorney over something. Somebody is making a bad decision and doing bad business I'll just sit this one out because a quick buck isn’t worth the hassle. Someone may even go as for to impose themselves as someone child's mother, lover, or relative to obtain something illegally from someone. So, they can run off into the sunset with they lover or the person they cheating on you with.

For some they feel entitled to they person finances because they feel like you never should've cheated on them so, they are going to start a new life and a better one without them. Cause the lawyers who pulled this off was some bad ass lawyers I'll give them this but it also was fucked up and shady to. Because this person was either hospitalized when this went on or this person was going through a vulnerable time so they didn’t catch it as fast as they should have. So, obtaining some new council maybe in someone's best interest because this lawyer was in on it. It's giving the episode of Lucifer where Chloe pretended to be Lucifer wife to catch the lawyer up in getting those shady deals because they thought he killed the suspect. When actual reality it was his friend, he was helping out to get money from his shitty narcissistic ex wife. Why I feel like this whole theme of this reading is you don’t have the full story and you just going off vibes alone.

It's giving good dick and weed and you down for a good time and trust this person wouldn’t lie to you when they actual did. So, someone maybe trying to frame someone or paint someone in light that benefits them especially financially. And somebody has proven that this whole thing was sham of a wedding or a halfcocked plan that was about to go down or did. Because what evidence you got didn’t make sense towards the victim, the accuser, or an innocent bystander. Somebody just be case happy or ready to get people in trouble when it comes down to their benefit or livelihood. It's giving but did you die though while you talk about the pain it has caused you and someone being totally dismissive about it. Ouch, some friend you got here willing to throw you under bus for some attention and from the wrong crowd at that. You got to get them feelings in check because you gone fuck up your whole life by being around some vultures.

Some of y’all have some sexual encounter coming in I don’t see someone being happy about it anymore because whatever charm this person has doesn’t work anymore. You used to go out your way to make sure they noticed you but now you don’t even give a damn. I mean they get a little feeling out but you have play your role so your feelings want get involved anymore. Personally, someone maybe trying to explore their sexuality if they are a woman or with a woman. Whoever this is they only care about themselves. At first you didn’t notice this until you got them alone. It's like this person radiate sexual energy and then it's just dead inside, nothing more nothing less. Just good sex and bad company. And for others its good company and no sex at all and this is enthusiastic for another person because they don’t know if they want to actually have sex or they like the emotional company they get.

You maybe just developing the good old crush on a friend where you sit back and notice attributes about them no one else has so this keeps in you that dreamy state while at the same time you don’t want to ruin the vibe. This person maybe more outgoing than you such as; being a risk taker, stiffing a waitress on the tip, and not giving a fuck. It's like some of you haven't been here in so long but you know it's dangerous because you have to clean up too many mistakes with this person and they give you OCD vibes and some of you don’t even have that shit. Spirit said know your limits and proceed with caution because the expectations you have may not align with what is in your head.

It's like the nerdy boy dates the hot blonde in the movie only to recognize he’s been used by the hot girl, but she actually dope and you know the relationship will ever be the same again. Because either your friends keep reminding you of the person you became with them or the things, they did to hurt you while you were with or around this person. I think this person may linger around because you haven’t recognized they helped you let your caged bird free. To live out loud, to be free, to love, to be honest, and go for the things you want. So, when you look at this person you don’t see the things you used to want from them because you have become them which is you, your authentic self. And this is eerie because you have been so focused on trying to be something you are not for the longest when you are finally recognizing your own power within.

Just don’t go off and forget your kindness and humility because you placed so much identity in being and pretending to be something for so long. That now you are finally able to be you, you feel as if it kinda has no meaning at all. Because a smidge bit of me feels like you gone fuck it up and do something crazy as hell again just to see if this really you. So, when you finally change, you are going to stick to it just make sure that you aren’t burning all them bridges you may need one day. Because if you have use a couple of people to get to some destinations, they will ever forget the things you did and the pain they felt because of your mistakes. #PYA


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