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Let Go, Reading


Someone may be in a period where they are learning to unlearn somethings in their life and this may be hard for someone. Because the self entitlement that comes with this has made someone an asshole that no one wants to deal with. And I know this has trickled down into some fall outs, break ups, lost love, and no support because someone is stuck in their ways. This may have left someone who has felt alone and they possibly feel like they have no support but the truth is someone just doesn't want to change their ways. Someone feels like other people are wrong and they are not because life has adjusted to this standpoint up until now. So, what's the issue and why do you need a tissue is a message that's coming across. Because if someone can't get a word in edgewise or alert you to your own mishaps then why should someone waste their time with listening.

Someone is in the energy of the Sage from “The Archeo deck” and if anyone has that deck then you know what type of person they are. Which isn't a good listener. It’s like someone is choosing to walk down a path because of anger and not paying attention because they are driven by their emotions. That leads them down a path of self destruction and with a mind so far gone. How can someone help you when they don’t even know where you are? So, the time you have to put into, to get to freedom or just an ounce of healing is the strength and the endurance to live and survive. So, around the time the help shows up this person repeats the same cycle again because they were so driven by ego that they couldn't let go of the past. The old ways. The old mistakes, the emotional patterning, and the cycle of life is just right there to be chosen because it is easier.

The life of the past seems easier to access when we are too afraid to step into the unknown.


Now, for others someone could be down in the dirt because someone has scammed them out of some money for a house. And whoever this person is, they are on the run with someone else's dollars. But this will ever be enough for this person because I keep hearing I need dollars, dollars, dollars because that's just what I need. And this person is going to meet the right one with all of that fuck shit energy and somebody is going to be crying wolf in a minute. For some this gave you the stable grounds to divorce someone and get the hell out of dodge. Someone isn’t getting no money from you either so they could've just left politely instead of playing games. Some of y’all might even have someone lying under oath when it comes to your freedom and sanity. Because if you have been sick this person has been putting shit in your food and this why you have been experiencing illnesses.

I’m hearing there is a secret insurance policy on you and this person was planning to collect it behind your back. They even forged documents with a child mothers, wife, or your literal mother to cause strife in your life. There also is some confusion in the air when it comes to a child because someone doesn't know if a child is theirs. It’s a secret pregnancy or a pregnancy they plan to hit you with out of the blue to get some money. Someone got some plans for you that you don’t know. And they may even label themselves as a christian too. Because some people know her as the voodoo lady or the candy lady. Take it how you wanna. For some of y’all the momma and daughter pregnant by the same man and the mama lying about it.

She either was having an affair with your spouse behind your back or it’s some beloved shit going on and your mama painting you out to be something you're not. This may have happened when you went to drop off your children and that's how they started doing the oowwee. They may have even kept up a lot of arguments and strife in the connection because they were sleeping with this person the whole time behind y’all back. Some of y’all saying she always do that. Someone knows how their mother is but they basically ignore it. Their mother has a toxic stronghold on them to the point they are scared to anything outside of their comfort zone. It’s like when they get away from their mother they will grow so much farther. And for others someone was raised with an abusive step father. The movie you’ll relate to is “ THE LIES WE TELL AND THE SECRETS WE KEEP.”

Now, for some of y’all night owls stop having all of that company over your house. You know them booty call hours when you like to spread em low and lay it wide. This is not the time because someone maybe coming with someone else and it’s not a 3 way nigga, its a robbery. Some of y’all gone have to protect yourself from this individual, maybe even pull a gun out on them because somebody is crazy and entitled. Like did somebody son come to rob you. I’m just trying to figure it out here. Because somebody is talking about their mama. This is going to be someone’s last straw with you because someone is saying I have had it up to here with your shit. And someone is going down to the court filing paperwork, getting an restraining order, and possibly suing the shit of someone for attempted murder charges.

Whoever this is has done enough for someone and they are tired of sticking their damn neck out for this individual. It’s like life be lifing and this nigga makes life really hard for you. There is a power challenge with these individuals and they don’t respect your damn authority. So, they feel like they can do whatever they want because, “ WHO GONE CHECK ME BOO,” is the vibe they operate in. This may even cause a rift in your family dynamic because the mother is the enabler and the father is saying let they ass loose. Someone is tired of saving someone from themselves. It’s like someone has a parent they are scared of and someone is ready to let that person have them because they want them to get their ass together. Because whoever this is knows they ain’t doing right. It’s like the episode on Jamie Foxx when the cowboy was the bully and he pulled his mama out of the trunk to get him to leave him alone.

Now I don’t know if someone was kidnapped and they used this as a fear tactic or they just had this person pop up and it threw you or this person off guard. This may have even happened outside of the court house too because someone was arrested, detained, or held in a place until someone showed up. All ima say is stay out of people's business so you want have these problems going on in your life. For others this may have already happened and this is something that you are now healing from. May you and your family have the healing you need at this time.


If you see I wrote the zodiac signs more than once thats because that's how many people of the same zodiac signs that are doing the same shit or going through it.


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