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Less is Best

Things that are free healing, minding your business, and shutting up. In this season I just want to shed light on the minding your business part. Whew chile where shall we start because a lot of people have messy boots all the way down to the socks. And I’m not talking about the local drama that goes down on the internet for content but when things get a little to personal. I mean family dragging family and outing each other on social media is like top tier coon shit.

But yall know I’m not a stranger to somebody telling my business better than me and still getting that shit wrong be over there scrambling trying to put pieces together to only figure some shit was lie. Girl and then don’t get me started on those that do too much and want to come back with some apology like they didn’t repeat that shit to be hurtful. But this is not about you Marshae this is about the collective. So, in this season you hear me say it’s a lot of maternal issues going on and that is feminine energy that needs balancing.

A lot of women treating each other like rabid dogs and trying to drag each other for fun and have the nerve to want men to defend us. I mean we only teach people to treat us how we treat are ourselves. And I’m not talking about you emotionally closed off people where it’s hard for people to see how you treat yourself. No, I’m talking about those hurt people hurt people who did shit with full intent of hurting others and going around collecting sympathy from people because they do the same thing over again.

I mean we always talk about this women empowerment bullcrap and then turn around and roach stomp each other out for the approval of men. Who interest change on the drop of the dime or stays the same in whatever he’s invested in. I mean chile this COVID got a lot of women slip showing because they been full of the mess. I mean downright to the damn spiritual community folks all in their client’s life and clients doing the same to the practitioner.

I mean boundaries is it too much to ask for because in this day and age folks act like it’s a lot when you’re basically saying I’m good over here call me when you have something other than drama. I don’t mean drama as if people talking about exposing each other for likes and views no I’m talking about the kind where a person can’t be still. I mean those that do shit with no remorse of another person and then wanting sympathy. Nope I can be a heartless cunt sometimes and rarely care about how someone offended me feels about what they did.

I mean child yall know that man that I dare not speak of tried energetically breach my aura because he is having heart chakra problems. I say the same shit over again maybe if your ass would mind your business it wouldn’t feel like a 100-pound elephant sitting on that motherfucking chest. I mean girl I can go to the store that bitch gone tell everybody in America. Sometimes I ask myself do, this nigga ever sleep. Gossip blogs don’t even act like him.

I mean girl this nigga be worried about everything but himself like the collective of people until something going wrong and then I’m a friend. I dare not. Some of yall friends done cut you off because they see all you do is cause chaos wherever you go. So, the invites have slim down because they don’t want to deal with your passive aggressive ass comment I’m just saying.

I mean we all have our problems but minding your business is free and its dirt cheap. Its so exclusive to the point it’s for everybody. Now I now the old saying if they ain’t talking about you ain’t doing something right but some of yall be talking about people so you can give the illusion you know what you are talking about. Everybody platform is different. I mean you got some people who work the people so a lot of the day to day interactions are with people on social media. Some of yall done got so slick to the point where yall use this platform to address other people business that’s close to you and get mad when they don’t want to come around you no more.

Because everybody doesn’t like everybody knowing they business didn’t I say fake empathy is on the rise. So, you see people pretending to care about what you are going through only to take advantage of you. Be mindful of those around you and what you entertain because some people don’t be the help you need, they pretend well. And helpers I say this to you as well, remember the little red riding hood story and the boy who cried wolf….


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