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Leo Season Energy Reading


Spiritual warfare seems to be running rampant in the group chat and it has a strong hold on certain people to the point it has some people doing some dumb ass shit. If your protection game ain’t up to par please make sure that you are doing yourself a service of sealing all of your stuff. It’s too many eyes spying, prying, and looking into things that they don’t need to. Every time I go into my meditative state I have seen too many people coming across opening up portals to access other people's energy and it is disgusting. Don’t nobody need to be in somebody business that god damn tough. Some people may get a kick out of this meanwhile for others this could be a form of divination. Divination does not mean sit up and do spell work on people all of the time. If you are not a conjurer, rootwork, spellcaster, and hoodoo worker you don't need that much information on someone all of the time.

People act like there are no consequences for their actions all of the time because spirituality has become more about the ego than appeasing the spirit and soul that is in the flesh. A lot of people find themselves caught up in cycles because they don’t want to give up certain behaviors, undo certain spellwork on people, or blatantly ignoring spirit. That some people are literally struggling with possession of the spirit and it has become toxic because the blind has been leading the blind. Nobody wants to learn, everybody wants to teach without earning the spiritual stripes to go off and do things. Causing a lot of people to turn away from their practices or faith because they don't like the lesson that the divine is giving them because they wanted to take on an alleged role. Some people forget that we all have a cosmic mission that we are to fulfill but when we have too many people in our ear and society telling us what we are to be it becomes hard to hear spirit.

Life becomes a challenge, people become a threat that is not threatened, and love seems to dissipate more and more all of because of fear. If we are to be free to choose the GOd we choose to serve no matter the realm you decide to be on, why don’t you play the role you are designed for?

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