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Is it me or this Leo has season has been the calmest it has ever been? Is this the calm before the storm type shit or some reformed Leo behavior I'm not saying we missing it or needing the theatrics of it all but it’s been quite peaceful. I like it like that if you ask me, it’s giving mature and well-rounded like somebody got some common sense. But enough of that lets get into this think piece we have going on for the month.

Some of you guys have to start honoring those gut feelings you get about situations because when you don’t listen to yourself the doubt hits pretty hard. And for some this can lead some of you down some dark paths like falling off the wagon, returning to old behaviors, and for some this can be minor symptoms of depression if not addressed. Some of you are looking for that spark to get you going into a new direction but the choice is yours and this may be confusing for people who are looking for change. Some of you are looking for love the kind of love that gets you, sees you, hears you, and acknowledges you. The kind a child needs or gets when they are in the toddler phase right before they get ready for school.

You know the prep talk that everything will be okay and there aren't any bad people out there in the world. For some of you this isn’t to feed into any false narratives, but the kind of nouns who just basically get what you going through and get you. You know that extra encouragement you may need to be able to make it through obstacles and get through channeling tasks at hand. You may find yourself crying more or needing some form of release and address old wounds. Because if you, don’t it may be brought out to the forefront by spirit and when God or source does it, it doesn’t seem fair. It's like damn nigga I was gone do it, why you push me so hard.

Whether this is to face the truth about a matter or to just get reality going in a different path. Somebody been walking the same roads looking for gold when you already have it all or the treasure hunt doesn’t bring the same satisfaction. Also be mindful not to lead yourself into a lustful spirit substituting emotions that aren't really real at the moment. What is this Pisces season? WE ARE IN A TIME LOOP, AS I SCREAM THIS IMPLUSIVELY FOR NO REASON!

Ima be honest somebody is going through an ego death because the things they used to do they can’t do it no more. It’s time for somebody to grow up because to be honest it’s giving the energy of; I do this because I can and you really don’t know why you do what you do in the first place. This leads to a lot of problems in your life and causes a lot of discord. Some of y’all have a problem with receiving help and noticing when the universe is trying to give you something. This may or may not shake up your emotional foundation because I got the card the universe is your partner. Somebody has to work on teamwork skills because everything isn’t about you.

If you're going through a breakup at the moment, you got three days to cry over here before I start to stare at you crazy. It's not that you can't process your grief but if you don’t know how to communicate your emotions then you have to find a way to vocalize it or express it in a helpful and not in a non-harmful or lethal way. Somebody maybe going through a spiritual ascension and this one feel like you have a weighted bag that spirit is saying bring it to me, but the catch is are to going to bring it. For some of you I see you possibly being hardheaded and still walking that beaten path all the way up until your own demise. I guess some people are just hard learners.

Be mindful of being in your ego because you’ll miss a lot of important messages because they come from not so trusting people or people you may not be emotionally friendly to. That's how you miss out on a lot things in life. Either you or someone around you play too much to the point you think they never take you seriously but they do. Y'all got an admirer or someone who looks up to you but you be too busy with your head down that you never notice it. This could be kids, lover, or a friend. You gone push away support because you to busy trying to get the attention or support from someone else. This doesn’t apply to your love life. I REPEAT THIS DOESNT APPLY TO YOUR LOVE LIFE. IF IT IS TRUST YOUR OWN DISCERNMENT.

If you got a crush on someone keep it yourself because you got someone that may try to expose you or put you on the spot. This person does this to be malicious on the other hand some of y’all they just don’t care they have the mentality of fuck it so they go for whatever they want. I got a Virgo reading I posted like this a year ago if you feel like scrolling down YouTube be my guess. It explained that person character when they couldn’t have what they wanted it. If you trapping this month slow down low down because somebody gone have or had the Feds pop open, they door. Somebody is going to have to get a restraining order on somebody because someone likes to fight.

YOU GOING TO JAIL! RELAX ITS A MEME! Somebody tell your old ass daddy to go to rehab this nigga got out the hospital and back in these streets hoeing and slanging meat. Seriously, somebody has to take care of their health and be serious this time. I know some people joke about it because it gives them a reason to live but hey shit happens. Just make sure they get to them follow ups and stop, stopping when you feel better stop when they clear you. You won’t have to keep going back with the midframe that this won’t ever be over. It's two in the morning my eyes burning and want to lay sideways and eat tater chips in peace. I hope this month brings somebody peace because I'm about to go find it the way people got me messed up.


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