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Why the hell y’all message so long? Last month y’all had being addicted to negativity I will plug the video down below. So, let’s get into this blog. Somebody got stalker tendencies, money hungry, blocking somebody from talking to you, some of y’all need a fence around your house, stop posting too much on social media, well your business, too flashy, cutting somebody off financially, turning your back on someone in need, or withholding things to have power over someone.

KEYWORDS: baby mama, drinking too much, hearing shit, paranoia, maybe dealing with an incubus or parasitic host, and obsessed about someone’s dating life. Oh, and y’all song was Case of The Ex by Mya.

Whew chile the ghetto what the hell y’all got going on better yet don’t tell me! I mean that on a serious tip if you are struggling with depression or your own happiness there is way better to handling things that deal with your emotions. Some of y’all marriages is over and I’m sorry to say that it maybe time to divorce or change the way it used to be. Because somebody in the marriage is feeling stuck in rut and it limits who they are as a person. You’ll know if they have been dehydrated, haven’t been eating right, and looking like they need sleep all the time. Something or someone has to go because it affects somebody spirituality. Somebody likes to dibble dabble in black magic from time to time and a hex or curse may have backfired.

And it keeps someone depressed, stressed, up at night, and losing sleep. Some of yall have been looking for a friend, but it looks like you are on the outskirts. Somebody has an opportunist energy, and it always lands them in some tricky situations where you always feel like you have to sacrifice. Somebody waiting on some insurance money or recurring payments from a passed loved one. But some of y’all spend the money on stupid things that involve some of the arts (BLACK MAGIC). Somebody pretends to be submissive, and they say I’m just trying to please you. It feels forced if someone is in a domestic violence relationship, please seek help. I’ll plug the hotline below.

Spirit said some of y’all gone keep on doing heavy magic and they keep rejecting your offers maybe somebody has to grow or understand everything isn’t for them. This is a teacher and a student energy and there is a clashing of energies. Somebody doesn’t want a certain person to outgrow them, so they restrict them. Is this a child you punish on a day-to-day basis because they are rebelling and you are giving them anxiety. Somebody is all work and no play. This could be you because somebody doesn’t listen well, I just know there is a major age gap in between the two. I normally don’t say the signs but you Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius just keep on clashing.

In order to work on that anxiety is to learn how to be more consistent, you focus on becoming the master too fast and that is your greatest problem. Your need to have fun interrupts what needs to be done and you have a spirit, a person, or an entity who inflames this. I really feel like this could be substances or a demonic spirit but I’m just the messenger call me crazy, and I’ll accept that badge with honor. This could be social anxiety because some of y’all fear being judged for the things you like to do.

Whether this is a hobby or and interest you take up from time to time you stop when other people comment on it. It’s like you need them to understand before they know you gotta be dealing with a Scorpio or have some of them placements because that’s some shit I’ll say back in my day. Well, the old me would anyway. Your friend list is dwindling down and that makes you uncomfortable because it’s on two people left and that’s make you uncomfortable. Because you may like to go and move around a lot but in this season, it is not permitted to. I’m not saying you can’t go nowhere but its who or what you are hanging with. I just feel like someone needs some guidance or a mentor it’s not something spiritual it maybe a mother figure.

When you decide to change and embrace who you are the universe gone is going to show it back to you in ten-fold. You have to take your time because when this new you pop out you’re going to want to show the world who you really are without hiding who you are. Moral of story learn how live in your body. AMEN


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