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Leo Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: betrayal, hidden enemy, deception, deceit, 7 of swords, liars, backstabbing, back biting, Crooklyn, Cooley High, condescending comments, irate, mean girls, high speed chase, prostitution charge, Bobby V- anonymous, fake arrest, and opening a world wind of chaos that won't close easily.

Olivia Rodrigo betrayed me came across and someone maybe feeling it because that’s my cue when it comes from the ancestors that somebody is going through it. Someone recorded a phone call of someone or has some hidden evidence that they are trying to hold over someone's head. And this is causing some drama in the group chat because it ain’t what you stole its who you stole it from. Now, for the sake of peace we won’t get into the details of the message itself. Now for my other folks somebody slept with someone's best man, best friend, or homegirl and lied about it. Someone knew what the hell was going on but they doubted themselves the hold time. You did the same things you did with them that you did with your person only to turn around and call this person crazy for calling you out.

Im just hearing she just spiteful, just spiteful in an old woman voice and they pissed about it too. Because whoever this is really don’t curse but they said God damn it because they knew what you were going to do when you did it. I am hearing fucking up the church's money, now for those who aren’t familiar with the black community slang. It means that somebody got somebody’s money and didn’t do what they were supposed to do with the money. It's like donating to a cause only to find out it’s fake and somebody has to be responsible for someone’s financial debt. Because someone has conned and scammed a lot of people out of many things. This could even be an organization, a nonprofit, or a domestic abuse cause only for someone to be in bed with the abuser.

And whoever this is, is pissing a lot of people and not in a good way. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone didn’t want to come out of the house because of the deception and web of deceit they have caused some people. For others this person is over it meanwhile other people ain’t they still going through the financial setbacks because some people owe Uncle Sam ass and he be liking his money a little bit too much for me. Somebody thinks just because they took this money out of the country that they don’t have to pay taxes on it when the money was acquired in the U.S. And this has somebody owing everybody over your dirty deeds. This could be as simple as someone marrying someone and running off with somebody who has money, or it could be packing up and leaving your husband/wife to build a new life with someone off of their money.

Somebody is a gold digger, and it is giving black widow with a heap of trauma attached to this. Causing pain and wounding to other people because they have been bruised by the guise of life. Good luck with that. For others this seems like a never-ending court case because somebody just won’t present the damn evidence and get this shit over with. It's like someone is trying to force or push a hung trail by the tactics they got going on. For others this affair could be settled out of court and with lawyers but someone is focusing on the big pay back. They feel like the ball is in their court when it is not. If the judge pushes the date back one more time you gone, get some new jurors who gone rule out your favor.

Sometimes it’s best to know when to quit and when to keep going, that witchcraft isn't going to work all of the time when you don’t know when the universe is telling you to throw in the towel. I just keep hearing time you know that song at the end of Crooklyn High. Now others this is someone who has been getting away with scott free murder when it comes to things because they feel like they got this protection but it ain’t working like that no more, you met your match. Either you have been so accustomed to saying and doing whatever it is you want that you don’t think your words hold weight like they do but you are about to find out or you already have. Either this is someone who is a taddle tail, someone who goes around telling people business, or create illusions on people because they think they can. And that shit is dangerous, the games that someone is playing at this state and time.

Because someone is frauding people, playing on they top, keeping up illusions, and misleading the shit out of people because of that Big Lou energy. If you know someone like this, please get the hell out of dodge because that Saturn in Aquarius energy is still lingering in somebody's life when it comes to their friends, group projects, and social endeavors. For some this may be some bullies that is getting taking down because they been around here stealing and antagonizing folks for no reason. Acting like a bunch of animals, who old auntie this is. If you got children I can't tell you how to parent your child, but somebody needs to keep their child away from this person because they are a bad influence on them, old or young.

Because for some of you, you got dreams you want to fulfill like finishing school, going back to college taking up a new language, job offers coming in, and fulfillment energy. Somebody got to figure it out because this girl or guy they just met is trying to lead someone away from that lifestyle, but they just want listen. Because someone likes to treat, their friends like shit. They think they get a person to do whatever and however no matter the expense of your sanity, mind, and heart. The moral of the story, the path you are walking is unclean, it is going to lead you down a road where your soul ends up tortured until you decide to make the right the decision for your life. Somebody has been playing with them big thangs in the spiritual realm and it’s starting to manifest in the body. If you had have kids it’s time to start living for them everything ain’t about you.


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