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Leo Monthly Reading


Somebody needs to take a chill pill because they have been on ten its giving ADHD and all over the place. Spirit said you been looking into somebody future to try and find out what's coming to them and this could be money or ideas. So, you can steal, stop, block, or use them as your own. This has been a habit for you or someone because for some if you are a caster this has become and addiction for this person to the point that the caster even looking into this person. It's so toxic to the point that this person or you have been casting against someone's child. Even causing nightmares on to them speaking and doing incantations over this person. This person is so bitter they may have suffered some form of a heart attack, psychic attack, and reoccurring pain in the chest. Spirit said don’t cast for this person because they have an energetic field that is frantic around them.

I'm hearing the word paranormal activity and not the good kind. It's kinda like a haunting or something going on and this has some one all over the place. You have moved house, stayed over other people places, swapped religions, and even hired other someone else to remove this spirit. When the spirit has attached itself to an emotional wounding or a spirit you carry within yourself that you don’t want to identify that you are like. It’s like you wasting money and not recognizing that you are the problem, why it feels like this got something to do with someone else around you. Your spirit guides have been calling you for your attention but which one is the most important to you. Because I don’t know what to say on this conflicting energy. They just want to be appreciated this isn’t a barter and trade it’s honoring their traditions and showing them, they mean something to you.

This doesn’t always show up in the spiritual realm, it can show up in your real world it's on you to figure it out what it is they want and need. Now this could be a relationship and you never do what your partner or friends need its always last minute and half assed. You feel like just because you do something, they should be appreciative when it's really the bare minimum. Even if you spending big bank it comes off like let me go do what the hell she wants because this bitch getting on my nerves. It comes off like you being a team player when really, it’s the complete opposite it's like you there but not there. It's like you want to be present but not.

Do you have a busy life and need to create a schedule so you can get focused on something. This energy is giving lethargic I don’t know if someone is draining you or has a plug to you. It’s giving exhausted its like someone is trying too purposely block someone psychic gifts so they want find out about them or reach their true potential. For some this is a friend/cousin/family member who been doing this because they be behind your back talking about you and plotting on you and they don’t want you to find out. So, they trying to stay in good standing with you but when the truth comes out you gone be shocked like a MF. ( LIBRA, SAGITTARIUS, AQAURIUS)!

Who’s been fucking who and who been talking about who. I heard I am always the bad guy but this one time I ain’t got shit to do with this and I'm out. So, if you always been messing up this one time you can exit stage left and get your shit together and say good riddance to those around you. Now that’s a tower moment in the Tarot Land. We just gone keep it bean somebody ain’t bean featuring somebody they only been using been somebody for their success i.e., money or what you can do for them. (GEMINI, PISCES, AQAURIUS, AND CAPRICORN) They could give a damn about what happens to you some of them hey like to see you in misery because they feel like this ought to teach you a lesson. But they stay begging and asking for shit and when you say no this is when they be throwing evil eye and temper tantrums.

All you got to do is cut they ass off and watch how it humble they ass, I bet they shut up then. Because for some they act like they can’t do anything without your financial assistance, this is why they be emotionally blackmailing you. If you fell sick these the type of people that will wish an illness back on you just so they can feel like got some type of power over you. You better start paying attention to who keeps coming around when you walking in your authentic power. It's like these people know you gone get up so they seek to drain you and do it all again because they think you ain’t gone notice. Heavy on them signs in the paragraph above.

They even going so far to look into your love life or your partners love life so they can either fuck or destroy em. But you’ll come around to accept a situation for what it is and move on accordingly don’t let them energetically hold you back because they scared to change. Go be the wild chaotic butterfly who seeks to change the world. Even if you feel like you can do it in a day.

And if you are looking for love readings these may apply sometimes, you’ll have to go look at your partners Sun/Venus sign. Remember energy is interchangeable so it can be your sign and be about the people, places, or things around you.


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